Dorney Park Trip: The Good and Bad 7/27/04

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During the summer vacation in NYC, Their's a program called Summer Youth Employment Program that let's all NYC students between the ages of 14-21 work for 6 weeks of the summer at various locations. I'm currently working at a hospital with this program. My grandmother also holds a program in connection with SYEP and then go on various trips through the summer. Today they decide to throw a trip to Dorney Park&Wildwater Kingdom. Last time I went to Dorney Park was back in 2001. Eventhough I had to work today, I decide I don't know when I'll be able to come back here so I might as well go.

We arrived at Dorney Park at approximately 11:15 A.M. and the park was had opened a few rides. If anyone lives near NYC, you know that the weather has been really bad. It's rained at least 3 times a week here. We all had to wait on the charter bus for about 30 min. while my Grandmother went to get the tickets. while waiting it started raining light. It was nothing major but after 10 min., the rain decided to come down hard. She came back to the bus and told us that the park would not have all their attractions open. Instead, she called a local skating rink not to far from Dorney Park since it didn't make since for us to come up here and go back to NYC. The skating rink was closed for today but opened for the 35 of us who came.

We stead there from noon to 3:30 PM and we headed back to the big apple. I was hoping to ride all the coasters in the rain since I rode them all. I wanted to see if I could get a better ride on Steel Force because it didn't live up to it's expectations back then. Even though it rained on us, she plans to take us back to Dorney Park for the last day of the SYEP along with a trip to six flags next week. Thanks for riding this trip report.

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Not to rub salt in a wound, but unless it was lightnin' you probably would've been okay. Dorney runs stuff in the rain. When I went there in 2002 it poured all day and every ride except Laser was open. It was great because Talon and the Force were flying. The only problem was the pain of the rain hitting my face. *** Edited 7/28/2004 2:29:56 AM UTC by Willh51***
I was there on Memorial Day this year when it rained most of the day. They still had a lot of stuff running and I got multiple Talon and SF rides. Sure the rain hurt just a little bit, but it was worth it. Luckily I got the last Lazer ride of the day, at 1100 am. I don't think most Schwartkopf rides work well in the rain. The mouse and Meteor didn't open, but other than that most everything else was open.

Please wait for the ride to come to a full and complete stop. Push down, then pull up on your lap bar. Thank and enjoy the rest of your day at CoasterBuzz.

Invest in a good raincoat and enjoy very empty parks in the rain. Faster coasters are a big bonus as well. Never let rain scare you off.
I'll second the "Never let rain scare you off"...

Earlier this year I visited Carowinds in the rain (well, rain until around 3pm... heavy at times). Walk ons and re rides!

Knoebels is another... love to go there in the rain.

However... some parks I suppose do not run things in the rain. I know a few years ago I was at Hersheypark and they ran in light rain, but when it increased to a steady rain, some things shut down.

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Six Flags over Georgia is grinds to a halt in the rain, while Carowinds is full steam ahead.
Indiana Beach rocks in the rain, as does PKI.
Does it count as a trip report if you only made it as far as the parking lot? We had heavy downpours in the Maryland area this morning (and last night), and I know that sometimes SFA has thrown in the towel and called it a day in those weather conditions. *** Edited 7/28/2004 9:22:37 PM UTC by Intamin Fan***
If it was up to me, I would've stead in the park but since there was 35 people there, most of them wouldn't want to ride in the rain. I already knew the park was not going to close all their rides unless there's lighting. Kennywood, Six Flags Great Adventure and other parks mostly go by that rule. I'm use to riding such rides as Medusa, Thunderbolt @Kennywood, Phantom's Revenge, etc. in the rain so it wouldn't have been a problem. *** Edited 7/29/2004 5:15:54 PM UTC by Starintraining***

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Come on, you should've whipped them in to shape! You, go to the gift shop, and by a poncho! You will ride Steel Force and not complain about the stinging rain! Everyone must get on White Water Landing and that sadistic rapids ride since it's already raining!

Ok, maybe not.

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