Dorney Park Trip Report 08/24/02

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Sunday, August 25, 2002 1:58 PM

It seemed like the perfect day to go to a park, that is for an enthusiast. It was cloudy and rain was in the forecast. We arrived at the park at 10:15 am, and while everyone went towards Talon, I knew better, and headed for Steel Force. On the way there, we saw Dominator (S&S towers) had absolutely no one on them, so we went on that. I knew the lines for it would grow longer and longer, so our first rides of the day were both the Space Shot and Turbo Drop towers. Both get an 8/10. Great rides, but I’ve experienced better on S&S rides. Maybe I am growing immune to that feeling you get in your stomach or something. Both were walk ons.

Still walking towards Steel Force, we see Laser, and decide to ride it twice. This coaster gets a 9/10. Very intense and fun. As we got off the second time, some DP official announced the ride closed due to rain. Yeah, it started raining, and it was hitting our face during the second ride. Painful, but fun! Anyway, we took cover, and walked toward Steel Force.

Steel Force was down due to rain, but Thunderhawk was running, so we took one ride on that. Thunderhawk wasn’t as bad as I experienced two years ago, I give it a 7/10. One or two rough spots, if those were smoothened out, then it would be 8/10. Couldn’t go higher than that though, due to size, and layout, and stuff.

Steel Force opened, so we took three rides. Each was about a 5 – 10 minute wait. Laser and Thunderhawk were walk-ons by the way. Steel Force was great, but it’s my second-least favorite hyper. It’s not a bad ride, but Nitro and Superman at New England are better. Steel Force gets an 8/10.

Hercules was not open, so we went to Meteor. In line, it was testing, so it took about 15 minutes. During the wait, they began testing Hercules, but with only the red train on track, when it opened there were large crowds. Meteor was fun, but not that great. 7/10.

Hang Time, a HUSS top spin had a huge line, so we went to Talon, which had such a long line compared to the rest of the park like Laser and Steel Force which were walk-ons. Talon had a 30-minute wait. Awesome ride, the loop is really intense, and otherwise it’s very smooth. 9/10.

We ate, and the crowds began pouring into the park. Well, it was a Saturday. After the rain stopped, everyone came, so all the rides at this point in the afternoon were all at least 30 minutes. After eating, we went on our forth ride on Steel Force and a walk-on ride on Thunderhawk, and then we left since we had been on everything, and didn’t feel like waiting for re-rides.

Overall, a nice day at the park.

Sunday, August 25, 2002 2:40 PM
I was there that day too, but I spent most of my time at the waterpark. Running around a waterpark with pouring rain and no one else there is a LOT of fun :)

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