Dorney Park to go Linear?

I have inside tip that an additional electric feed is going to the park to supply just one ride, the project is called simply "One Ride" What kind of ride would require it's own feed? Perhaps a linear induction coaster? This is REAL insider info and is not a joke, remember you heard it here first!
Hmmm....Geauga's Steel Venom?

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Eeek. I reluctantly begin to speculate that SV could be on the way out too.
(Unless, of course, you ask CoasterKid15, who will promptly tell you that SV is goint to MiA!)

I would be shocked if Cedar Fair moved Steel Venom this year. Ditching two coasters (and especially two marquee level coasters) in one off-season from a struggling park just sounds too precipitous a move for them. And probably unwise, if they want the park to survive.
So you have only one post here on the CBuzz boards, and you claim to automatically have "inside info"? Can you prove this? How are we to believe you?

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

It's a 12,000volt line and needs to be installed for the 2008 season. I don't know much about amusement park rides but Dorney has one 12,000 volt line feeding the entire park. Is a linear induction coaster the best bet?
I have relatives working in engineering for ppl which is the local power supplier. this is going to happen trust me!
big jim, I just registered today so this is my first day of posting. I got this info yesterday and thought you guys would like to know what is going to happen at the park.

I actually believe them. Call me crazy, but I myself have registered to certain boards JUST to provide info on something I've got burning a hole in my pocket, if you will.

Regardless, at the very least I am a Dorney local and can verify that PPL is def. the power source for the area, and the timing for planning something like this seems good too.
Thanks, I don't subscribe to any coaster sites but when I got this info I looked for somewhere to post it and this site came up on google.
Yea, I would tend to agree with him, too. This past season, I was at Dorney and heard that an Impulse was coming. It certainly would fit very nicely where the Skyscraper used to be!

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^agreed, thats the first thing I thought of for that spot when I saw it empty, it would just fit their coaster collection and also be unique to the region.
While interesting it honestly could mean anything. The park may be close to maxing out their current electric feed and bringing in enough power for the next five years with the installation of the next ride. Conversly, it could be an LSM or LIM coaster given both use significant power.


No, Tom I can tell you that it is for one ride and one ride only, why else would the project be called "One Ride"?
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The "Impulse at Dorney" rumor has been floating about for years. Could this finally be happening for 2008?

Well it would definitely help the park with its collection. It is the only MAJOR themer in the area without some type of launched coaster as SFGAdv has Chiller and KingdaKa and Hershey has Storm Runner.

GL doesn't really need SV anymore as it is going through this "change of direction" anyway. Besides I would much rather WOF get the new GCII in 2008 then a "used" Impulse. ;)

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Wicked Twister, Dragster, and Maverick all required additional power feeds, so I don't think a new power feed indicates any particular design (other than launched).
I think we were all going with the most logical move, that's all.
I just hope dorney doesn't make a mistake with anything. I really hope they get something worth paying my 40$ to get in to the park and make me end up leaveing cause im that bored already. I want them to get something to keep me in the park. Do not get me wrong, I love the rest of dorney's rides, but i am already sick of them. i go to dorney at least 4 times a year, and im just used to all the rides almost. A nice launched coaster would be amazing. :]
Well perhaps you should start looking at Dorney for other things than just immediate gratification?

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