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Sunday, August 5, 2001 6:13 PM
Could NOT wait to get to Dorney, pretty much drove everyone in car nuts rambling the whole trip. Noticed it took 2.75 hours from Queens to get there (same as it does for me to get to CP from my house here in Oh) Dorney sits right in the middle of a city and of course the 1st thing I noticed was the name of the shopping center across the street "Cedar Point"....go figure ;)
I saw Talon and the park could NOT open soon enough for me. Youngest and I had to go to guest services to show our CP season passes and get tiks to get in, gate opened and we took off. Pretty funny considering we had NO clue where to go-we just followed the crowd. No running of the bulls here, maybe 30 people and we were 2nd in line. We did Talon 1st car 1st time. I only can describe it to say I am so extrememly jealous that Talon is so far away. It was so very quiet (no B&M roar here at all-proving that the sand in the rails does indeed work) there are signs on the lift hill that say "no turning back" (I think)
"almost there" and "goodbye" the trip up the hill quiet and fast and once the ride starts there is no real hesitation anywhere. No head banging at all and actual airtime, my butt came clear out of the seat. The hardest thing for me was to keep from shifting my weight in anticipation of Raptor, and to remember to go to the left for row 8 instead of the right like Raptor.
Even before we were back to the station b/f and kids were arguing who was going to get seat 1 or 4 for next ride. We got off line, right back on.
Now time for my fav row---row 8. We ended up riding Talon a total of 10x through out the day.
I love the way the floor comes up the same time the train pulls into the station, something as a ride op myself I wish we had on Raptor. We noticed alot of stacking (there are only 2 trains!) and from my observation it looks like no one in a real rush to get the trains out. Apparently intervals are more important at CP or maybe its just because there wasnt that big a crowd. I loved Talon, I can not even begin to say enough things about this awesome ride. My only complaint however is the merchandise "Ruler of the sky?" "Kick the sky?" Yup-RAPTOR sayings. I am seriousely considering getting a Talon tattoo now too. The comparison of Talon to his older brother is not a fair one due to the age difference but Talon really did knock my socks off. WHAT A RIDE!
Steel Force: Magnum has competition. I loved SF much better than Maggie only because it wasnt as rough as Maggie. Less airtime true but the helix was awesome (and I did find myself doing the MF "hit the support" thing) We rode this 3x.
Lazer: UGH!! Inverts with lapbar-great. Trip up the hill takes FOREVER-the 2 inverts are fun, the rest of the ride OUCH!!! Watch your neck and do NOT keep your hands up after the inverts!
Thunderhawk: Woodie-awesome ride, comparable to Blue Streak to me, not too rough either.
Wild Mouse: OK so the beginning is alittle annoying but it was still fun
Hercules: OK did the same people who designed MS make this thing too? A gazillion trim brakes before 1st drop into a killer helix. This coaster was rough and reminded me oh too much of MS. The screams of the previous riders should have been a clue, did we listen? no!!! :)

We rode quite a few of the other rides too. The thing that I found almost scary about Dorney was if you stood in front of the midway carousel just right it was almost like you were at CP except no Demon Drop and no Raptor. Their big water ride looked amazingly like Snake River Falls. Being at Dorney for me was like being "home" at CP but in a smaller (much smaller) version. There is even a "Red Garter Saloon" and I couldnt help but think of someone dear I know at CP-my b/f even had a beer in his honor. (No beer for me, I was driving) We didnt eat there (although the Picasso pizza stand made us all crack up since Picasso is one of my horse's names!) Their Camp Snoopy was cute and the kiddies seemed to be having fun and their "Power Tower" (the Dominator) seemed so small and yet I still managed to ditch it just like I do PT every time too! We managed to get everything ridden we wanted to ride and everything done we wanted to do in 4 hours! Dorney is a wonderful family park with a couple (Talon and Steel Force) of kicking rides!!! The park was clean and the staff was awesome!
We all really loved this park, Cedar Fair should be very proud! :)
Final stop? Coney Island!!

2000 Raptor Crew
2001 Raptor Crew
Po!nter Girl-FOREVER! :)
When the floor's gone, so are you-see you back here in 2 32!
Monday, August 6, 2001 5:25 AM
Great report Jo (PIC). I knew Talon was a masterpiece. That is my next park to add to my list. And Red Garter Saloon...oh boy. :)

Gemini 100
Monday, August 6, 2001 7:19 AM
I wish I could agree with you about the no headbanging on Talon comment. On the 2nd half of the ride, I tagged my head several times on the earpads. Oh well. White Water Landing is a clone of Snake River Falls. They're both made by Arrow.

Batwing-Bow Down
Monday, August 6, 2001 7:44 PM
awesome report plannin a trip to Dorney on oct 6...either there or Hershey...but Dorney looks a lot more appealing :)

Monday, August 6, 2001 8:26 PM
You should pick Dorney because hershey is nice and all but the rides are not as intense as the ones at Dorney.
Monday, August 6, 2001 9:06 PM
Talon knocked RaptorJo's socks off...looks like it lives up to it's older brother's reputation. Maybe Dorney will have to be in my 2002 traveling plans.

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