Dorney Park reveals official details on Talon

Posted Wednesday, August 30, 2000 4:24 PM | Contributed by Dustijn Hollon

Cedar Fair's Dorney Park will build an inverted B&M roller coaster for 2001. The story has been "out" for awhile due to discussions of a zoning variance.

Read the entire press release on the official Dorney Park site.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2000 6:13 PM
FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!

The new KING of coasters:
SFNE Superman
Thursday, August 31, 2000 6:12 AM
What will the color scheme be. The only mention of color pertains to the trains. What about the track and supports?

Thursday, August 31, 2000 6:47 AM
I quote from the press release...

"Weighing in at nearly 3 million pounds, Talon features 186 steel columns supporting 3,110 feet of slithering steel tubular track, making it the longest inverted coaster in the Northeast. Eight-row trains painted bright blue with orange, yellow, red and teal accents, will seat riders four abreast and streak across a SCREAMING ORANGE AND YELLOW TRACK."

Does that help? ;)
Thursday, August 31, 2000 7:21 AM
This new coaster is the First Inverted Coaster in the Cedar Fair chain, other than Cedar Point. This demonstrates Dorney's importance in the Cedar Fair Corp. Just to let you know ;)

Cedar Fair is #1
Thursday, August 31, 2000 12:58 PM
I sounds like it's got all the stuff Raptor is missing.

"...If We don't get you there in five minutes we don't get you there at all. ~Dispatch Master Tran
Friday, September 1, 2000 9:22 AM
Actually Andy, it's their turn to go first

First S&S Tower = Worlds of Fun
First Hyper = Valleyfair
First Inverted = Dorney Park

IMHO Worlds of Fun will get the next one.
Could that be why they pulled out of their plans this year, to save up for next year?
Friday, September 1, 2000 12:20 PM
Cedar Point had the first hyper, and giga.
Friday, September 1, 2000 1:32 PM
I KNEW IT. I KNEW that it would have a name related to Raptor. Darn CF.. they can't theme well. But yet, Talon should be an intense inverted.

Friday, September 1, 2000 4:58 PM
I'm happy to see Dorney is getting a new coaster. It's been quite a while since Steel Force. Now if they only make Hercules more exciting.
Saturday, September 2, 2000 12:46 PM
Uh ddog I was talking about the "little three" not the "big two" DUH!
CP is not one of the "little three"
It's a BIG park.

Kids these days
Monday, September 4, 2000 5:26 AM
About time. Anyone know of where an illustration is of Talon? I'm surprised DP's website does not have one.
Monday, September 4, 2000 9:24 AM
I heard they were putting sand in the track to reduce noise!! Inverted costers barily make any noise!

Sonny #1(even though it hurts like crap)
Monday, September 4, 2000 5:53 PM
Inverted coasters barely make noise? You haven't heard Great Bear at Hersheypark. The sound of that one is deafening.
Tuesday, September 5, 2000 11:16 AM
Sounds like a Great Bear coaster look a like, I'll have to see next summer when its done. I'm goin to ride it too. :)

Feel the force--Steel Force

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