Dorney Park, May 27

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Sunday, May 28, 2000 5:45 AM
Temp was supposed to only go up to 70, but I didn't know that until after we got there. Weather has been mid-70's all week, so I pulled on my favorite (and only, for that matter) Millennium Force T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and headed out to the park.

Kathey, Lexi and I already had our receipts for our season passes, but Lexi's friend Megan (who is coming to CP with us in June) didn't have one. It will still be cheaper to buy Megan a season pass for 90 beans, rather than pay for Dorney today and five days at the Po!nt next month.

Got in line for the season passes, and it was moving as slowly as you'd expect for their first busy day of operation. It took about a half hour to process five families before I got to the head of the line, and then due to a computer glitch and/or new employee, another 10 minutes went buy before I had Megan's pass in hand.

I had sent the girls to the photo line about 10 minutes before I got to the head of my line, and that turned out to be a good move. When I came over with Megan's pass, we were next in line for the pass photos.

Got into the park and the first change we noticed was the Wild Mouse just to the right of Coaster's, as you look into the park. We all decided to hit it first, and add another coaster to our list. Am I the only one who counts the Wild Mouse as a separate coaster regardless of which park it's in? So far, Hershey Park, ValleyFair, and now Dorney. That's three.

Wait for the Wild Mouse was a little over a half hour. No doubt, this was due to the proximity to the entrance of the new ride. While in line, I noticed that they've lined the midway opposite Coaster's with games and shops. Unfortunately, they're a bit "out of the way" of most foot traffic, so they weren't doing an awful lot of business. Seems to me that games should be on the way from Point A to Point B, since you're more likely to stop on a whim, rather than making that area your destination.
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Next, it was time for the reason that people go to Dorney -- Steel Force! Lexi (age 11) knows all about the ejector seat on Magnum, so she wanted the same seat here. Alas, this is a Morgan, and so it's different and 1.3 is like any other seat on the train. However, the hops were hoppin', and there was air, air, everywhere. We grabbed two great rides on SF before heading back for the car to get lunch.

I went back to the car to grab the cooler, while the girls hit Thunderhawk on the way back. We timed it just right, as we were both getting to the picnic pavilion at the same time. I'm guessing about a 10 minute wait on Thunderhawk, which would put it on par with Steel Force.

Lunch was sandwiches, Pringles, Fruit Roll-ups and sodas, for those who care. :)

Loaded the cooler back into the car, then decided to hit Dominator. We did the drop first, and the space shot second. Personally, I'm still torn on which of the two I prefer. Space Shot really gives you both sensations of being rocketed upward AND dropped, but you miss the anticipation of sitting 200 feet above the midway not knowing exactly when you're going to fall.

Dorney has put in a new "extra cost" attraction this year called "Skyscraper". It's a little difficult to explain, but imagine a ferris wheel with only two cars and two spokes. You sit in a bench seat (either one or two people) and are spun very quickly up approximately 150 feet and back down again within the span of 5 seconds. It's fast, and your car is flipping with the momentum. Cost for a single rider is $19.05 plus tax, and double riders are $33.03. We passed. Next to the Skyscraper, across from the kiddieland rides in the ravine, is a new Monster.

I have to take a minute to praise Cedar Fair here for the continuing improve攀渀琀猀 琀漀 䐀漀爀渀攀礀 倀愀爀欀⸀  吀栀攀礀✀瘀攀 漀眀渀攀搀 琀栀椀猀 瀀愀爀欀 昀漀爀 愀戀漀甀琀 猀攀瘀攀渀 礀攀愀爀猀 漀爀 猀漀 渀漀眀Ⰰ 愀渀搀 琀栀攀 椀洀瀀爀漀瘀攀洀攀渀琀猀 挀漀渀琀椀渀甀攀 攀愀挀栀 礀攀愀爀⸀  圀椀琀栀 琀栀攀 挀漀渀琀椀渀甀攀搀 攀砀瀀愀渀猀椀漀渀 漀昀 䠀攀爀猀栀攀礀 倀愀爀欀Ⰰ 䐀漀爀渀攀礀 挀漀渀琀椀渀甀攀猀 琀漀 椀洀瀀爀漀瘀攀 琀漀 欀攀攀瀀 甀瀀⸀  吀栀愀琀✀猀 渀漀琀栀椀渀最 戀甀琀 最漀漀搀 渀攀眀猀 昀漀爀 琀栀漀猀攀 漀昀 甀猀 椀渀 挀攀渀琀爀愀氀 愀渀搀 攀愀猀琀攀爀渀 倀䄀⸀  倀攀爀猀漀渀愀氀氀礀Ⰰ 䤀 昀攀攀氀 昀漀爀琀甀渀愀琀攀 琀栀愀琀 眀椀琀栀椀渀 琀栀爀攀攀 栀漀甀爀猀Ⰰ 䤀 栀愀瘀攀 愀挀挀攀猀猀 琀漀 愀 栀愀氀昀 搀漀稀攀渀 洀愀樀漀爀 愀洀甀猀攀洀攀渀琀 瀀愀爀欀猀Ⰰ 愀渀搀 愀猀 琀栀攀 挀漀洀瀀攀琀椀琀椀漀渀 挀漀渀琀椀渀甀攀猀Ⰰ 琀栀愀琀 挀愀渀 漀渀氀礀 洀攀愀渀 最漀漀搀 琀栀椀渀最猀 昀漀爀 洀攀⸀  㰀戀爀㸀਀㰀戀爀㸀਀吀栀攀 爀攀猀琀 漀昀 琀栀攀 搀愀礀 眀愀猀 猀瀀攀渀琀 爀椀搀椀渀最 琀栀攀 昀愀瘀漀爀椀琀攀 挀漀愀猀琀攀爀猀Ⰰ 愀渀搀 眀愀琀挀栀椀渀最 琀栀攀 最椀爀氀猀 搀漀 琀栀攀 眀栀椀爀氀ⴀ渀ⴀ栀甀爀氀猀⸀  䤀琀 眀愀猀 愀戀漀甀琀 㔀㨀㐀㔀 愀渀搀 琀栀攀 琀攀洀瀀 栀愀搀 搀爀漀瀀瀀攀搀 琀漀 㘀  搀攀最爀攀攀猀Ⰰ 眀栀攀渀 䤀 搀攀挀椀搀攀搀 琀栀愀琀 䤀✀搀 栀愀搀 攀渀漀甀最栀 挀漀氀搀 愀渀搀 眀攀 挀愀氀氀攀搀 椀琀 愀 搀愀礀⸀  圀攀✀氀氀 戀攀 戀愀挀欀 愀最愀椀渀Ⰰ 戀甀琀 琀漀搀愀礀✀猀 洀愀椀渀 漀戀樀攀挀琀椀瘀攀 眀愀猀 愀挀挀漀洀瀀氀椀猀栀攀搀 ⴀⴀ 最攀琀 琀栀攀 瀀愀猀猀攀猀 愀挀琀椀瘀愀琀攀搀 昀漀爀 漀甀爀 䌀攀搀愀爀 倀漀椀渀琀 琀爀椀瀀 椀渀 琀栀爀攀攀 眀攀攀欀猀℀ഀ਀ഀ਀ഀ਀ ⨀⨀⨀ 吀栀椀猀 瀀漀猀琀 眀愀猀 攀搀椀琀攀搀 戀礀 䐀甀愀渀攀 䌀愀栀椀氀氀 漀渀 㔀⼀㈀㠀⼀㈀   ⸀ ⨀⨀⨀
Sunday, May 28, 2000 8:46 AM
Great TR, Duane! Good to see you over here on CoasterBuzz. Now when are you going to do your track record so we can see what you've been up to? ;)

Webmaster/Admin -
Sunday, May 28, 2000 6:33 PM
I agree with everything you said, and my day went pretty similar. Did you take any notice to the flags in the field for the new coaster. They extend into Thunder Canyon and even on to the waterpark property behind the concession stands. I can't wait. This is going to change the park forever. LATER!
I don't make fun of people, I have fun with people!

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