Dorney Park. July 2, 2002

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002 11:57 AM
This was my second Cedar Fair Park. We got a motel right in front of the park with great views of the coasters. I watched Talon test the morning before we got there and it looked sweet. We arrived at the park about half an hour before it opened, but the gates were open and we headed to Talon.

We watched Talon test a few times and then they let us in line. I got to the front seat with no wait in line at all. After riding it in the front seat, I had to go to the back. The G forces are good on this ride and there are some spots of negative Gs, especially in the back. The Immelmann is one of my favorite inversions and I noticed that there was a trim brake before Talon's. It was not on, so the Immelmann was just as good as it should be. The turn after the Immelmann is awesome and G-packed. One of the most surprising parts of the ride is the drop out of the s-turn. You get airtime and fly towards the ground. A sharp, banked turn to the right into the corkscrew is followed by a nice, ground-hugging, G-filled helix. A little turn and rise into the brakes and the ride's over. Talon is an awesome ride. 8/10.

After Talon, we headed to the Top Spin, Hang Time. This would be my first Top Spin. AZ RIDER was too tall to ride it, so he stood by watching. The first portion of the ride was a lot of fun since the arms moved up and down and the vehicle just swing around. We inverted a few times and headed back down to the loading station slowly. I thought the ride was over and I was a little disappointed since it was so short. The vehicle locked in place and we began to rise. At the top, we were nearly inverted and staring straight down at the ground. A few flips and dives to the ground ended with us near the ground facing what looked like water effects that weren't on. This was quite a fun ride! 7/10.

Hercules was next. I've heard that this woodie was rough, but I was going to have to ride it. After waiting for one train, I sat in the front seat and we headed down a long stretch of track. There was a brake on before a left turn and a dip. We headed right and up on the lift hill. At the top, you turn to the left and head down the drop. Well, we thought we'd head down the drop. There are a pair of two trim brakes at the top of the drop that are on as hard as possible. We crawl down the drop and finally get going when the last car is free of those horrible monsters. The banked turn didn't need to be banked as much as it was since we were going to slowly through it. The rest of the ride was slow and boring. No airtime, no Gs anywhere. Boo! Trim brakes really are the devil! 2/10 (yes, it was that bad).

Steel Force, my first Morgan coaster, was next in line. Front seat for me on this one. No wait at all on this, either. The front seat was nice, but the back seat is the best. At the top of the lift, you slow down and really notice it in the front. In the back, you slow down, but get flung over the top as the rest of the train falls. Nice airtime on the drop, and the helix is a lot of fun. Towards the end of the helix there are some good Gs. The MCBR is barely on and in the back you get flung to your seat belt and lap bar as you fall out of the brakes. The rest of the ride is an airtime machine as you're out of your seat just as much as you're in it. Steel Force is a great coaster. So great, in fact, that I rode it 11 times that day. It has minor roughness in some hills, but that doesn't take away from this great ride! Steel Force was my 6th hyper coaster (not counting Millennium Force). 8/10.

After Steel Force, I went to Thunderhawk, (didn't wait at all. In fact, my first ride only had one other person on the ride!) which would end up being the oldest coaster I have ever ridden as of this writing. I rode it twice, once in the front and once in the back. The front has two places with ejector air and the back has some airtime in the final bunny hops. The ride would be better, but there's a trim brake that takes away airtime on the second bunny hop. This park seems to like trimming their woodies. 4/10.

Laser was next. This would be my second Schwarzkopf looper that hasn't been messed with by having OTSRs or brakes added to it. They don't let you pick where you sit so I ended up in the second car. The lift hill is probably the slowest I have been on. It takes over a minute to climb to the top! After the peak, we slowly curl to the right and drop. There are great Gs into the vertical loops and all the turns. This ride has incredible speed into the end brakes. I was glad that the turn was banked into the brakes and gave us a little bit of a straightaway into them because the lateral Gs would be killer into that. Awesome Gs and this ride's even better at night in the back! 7/10.

AZ RIDER and I went on Skyscraper next. This pay-per-ride is awesome. Check out my review of this one because I can't give it justice here except when I say I give it a 10/10!

We went to Dominator, the park's Turbo Drop and Space Shot. There was a small wait here. We only waited about two trips on both rides. Both were scary, but Turbo Drop is the scarier of the two. The Space Shot wasn't as scary as Doctor Doom's Fear Fall for me, but that's probably because I've done a Space Shot before and I knew what to expect. The Turbo Drop was terrifying, especially since they hold riders up there for what seems like over a minute! What a rush it is to finally fall back down to Earth!

We ate at the Coasters Drive-In. Nice food, good shake, a little expensive, but at least we got to sit at a booth. After this we headed to…

Wild Mouse. This would be my 70th coaster! My count is climbing on this trip! The wait was about seven minutes since it's got a sort of low capacity. I didn't get to ride with AZ RIDER and Coaster Boy, but I had fun nonetheless. This ride has some awesome turns. I could see trim brakes/block brakes before nearly every turn, but none were on. The people I rode with were freaking out and thought the cars were going to tumble over the edge. Ahh, the illusion of a wild mouse. Towards the end of the ride, some brakes were on, but I'm glad they were. The lateral Gs would make your head slam into the supports. 6/10.

I split up from my group and traveled alone for more coaster riding. They went to ride water rides and I went on more coasters. I hit Talon a couple times and Steel Force some more.

I also rode Woodstock Express. This was a fun coaster and they let you go three times around the course! Good for the coaster count, hehe. 2/10.

We met up at about 5:30, got our hands stamped, and left to eat dinner with my mom's step dad. After dinner, my mom dropped AZ RIDER and I off at the park while she and Coaster Boy went back to the motel. We'd meet up again at closing.

AZ RIDER and I got two more rides on Talon in the back, three rides on Steel Force, and one on Laser. We were about to leave, when AZ RIDER convinced me to ride Skyscraper again. Now, during the day this thing is wicked. At night, it's killer! This was the best flat ride I have ever ridden in my life! It's insane! 10/10.

After Skyscraper, we left the park and met up with my mom. I like the cleanliness of this park and I really like the gates they use on the rides. They use magnets to hold them shut and it makes the load time a little faster since you don't have to wait for them to open, you just push them once the magnets are turned off. The plethora of flat rides is nice, too, since not everyone is a coaster fiend like me. Good job, Dorney Park! 8/10. Oh, visit this park on a Tuesday. There are no lines anywhere! This was the perfect day to visit this park. I love being able to get re-rides and not have to wait at all.

I was asked to describe X in one word. The word? -- OhmygoshwhathaveIgottenmyselfintothisisthescariest

Wednesday, July 17, 2002 6:28 AM
Nice TR! Congratulations on 70! I also like Dorney a lot.



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