dorney park in may (short)

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I went with a tour group for myy school band. The park was reserved for the competition, so i never had to wait in long lines,:).

TALON: Great ride. rode in the back, middle, and front. Front was the best by far. It is much faster there. First Drop was great and the immelman wass even better. Great ride.

STEEL FORCE: Almost a walk on. The first drop was fun, but not as intense as others. I got a surprising amount of airtime in places i didnt think i wouldlike at the bunny hop after the mid-course brakes. Good ride.

THUNDERHAWK: An oldie but a goodie. The figure 8 turnaround was alot of fun, plus the airtime was decent. Good ride.

HERCULES: First drop was great, but nothing else that great about this ride. Decent ride.

We didnt have much time at the park, so I didnt have time to ride laser and dominator. The other stationary rides at this park are great. Good Topspin. When i visit again I ill hit up lasre and dominator first thing.

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