Dorney Park announces Iron Menace roller coaster

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From the official site:

Forge your own fate on Iron Menace, the northeast’s first dive coaster. Firing up in 2024, this new ride at Dorney Park suspends riders 160 feet in the air before plummeting at a beyond-vertical, 95-degree drop. Four mind-twisting inversions and speeds up to 64 miles per hour leave riders of this drop coaster spellbound—and burning for more.

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95 degree drop. Is that new for a B&M dive coaster?

I started out loving these but now that they are becoming more common I am starting to actively dislike them. They tend to shimmy and lag through the inversions and at least on the bigger ones, sitting on the outer seats creates a vibration that without fail gives me a headache every time.

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I haven't been on one that I didn't like, but I've only been on a few. These smaller, 7-across models seem like a good idea.

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It's been a while since we've seen an inclined loop. Was Riddler's Revenge the last new B&M to have one?
I've been on Sheikra, Emperor, and just rode Griffon last week and found the larger ones to be excellent and Emperor to be pretty...meh. I think it's the size of the drop and the anticipation at that height that make the ride, though the additional vertical drops certainly don't hurt either.

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95 degree drop. Is that new for a B&M dive coaster?

Dr. Diabolical at Fiesta Texas was the first B&M to have a beyond-vertical drop.

I like the theme and color scheme for Dorney, hopefully, they will get some placemaking lined up for the smaller parks and better restaurants.

Although WoF has obviously been semi-well themed since its conception.

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Awesome addition to the small park. A huge version might have felt out of place.

With Valravn being modified (shortened) and moved to Dorney, what is CP going to put in its place? Will they just leave the space empty next year since TT2 will be the new attraction or will they surprise us with a 2nd new attraction for 2024?

they will get some placemaking lined up for the smaller parks and better restaurants.

Sounds like from interviews with Eldredge, the area around could get more work later, possibly including Steel Force and Possed.

Iron Menace sounds like the kind of name I come up with when I’m trying to name my rides in Planet Coaster. I’m not a fan.

sounds like the kind of name I come up

On par for CF ;)

Top Thrill 2, Steel Vengence, Flight Deck, Nighthawk, Thunderhawk, Firehawk, Rougarou, Valravn

I like it better than Steel Curtain though.

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A solid addition. I am thinking it's time to get some platinum passes to see some Cedar Fair parks next year.

All Park Passport... no more Platnium

So how long until MA gets something? until CGA closes?

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MA will get the fence they removed to build the coaster at Dorney.

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I’m excited for this, and partly because I’m just happy to see Dorney getting something new that’s an appreciable investment. It’s such a pleasant park, and I think this is a really cool addition. It complements their lineup nicely.

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The coolest thing about Oblivion and G5 is falling into a hole in the ground, I know a couple of them have sort of done that since - but nowhere near as effectively.

Seems like a big ride for Dorney, each time I have been everything has been a walk on when the water park is open.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I still await the day a dive coaster does not immediately do an Immelmann. Like has NO park ever said "Hey B&M, let's change it up a bit..."?

We currently have 16 open B&M dive coasters and they all have the same drop/immelmann combo outside of the OG Oblivion/G5. Just a peeve of mine, ha.

Ride looks fine though. Pretty much what is expected from these models. Also, not a fan of the vest trains on these coasters, so that's a bummer (but the new norm, I know). Dive coasters are much, much better with the old style OTSR though. Far less restrictive and just work better on these rides, IMO.


I still await the day a dive coaster does not immediately do an Immelmann

Magnum > Dive coaster followed by an Immelmann > the walk into UO from the parking garage > RRR

Hear me out: Dive -> Brakes -> Station

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