Dorney Park, 9/1/10

I wanted to get back to Wildwater Kingdom 1 more time before it closes for the season and this week seemed like a good time to go with school starting for some districts. I got to the park a little after 10:30 for WWK's 11:00 opening. The lot wasn't that crowded early in the morning.

At first it seemed like there was a lack of lifeguards and a lot was going to be closed. I expected the 2nd lazy river and wavepool to be closed but Wildwater Rapids (4 body slide tower), a couple of kids areas were closed. When I went to Patriot's Plunge, they weren't using the red slide (which I think is one of the best slides in WWK because of the double down). Around 12:00 - 12:15 they opened up the closed attractions and opened up the red slide but at that point crowds were so bad I was almost done with the waterpark. Never before did I see a line to get a tube for Patriot's Plunge and Aquablast almost had a full queue with the 2nd side not being used.

Over on the ride side, it was the opposite one of the emptiest days I have seen. Talon and Steel Force were occasionally dispatching completely empty trains. The only line on the ride side with a wait was Thunder Canyon at about 20 minutes. The line wasn't that long, maybe 50 - 70 people but they were only loading 2 rafts each cycle instead of 4 or 6 that could be loaded and they were putting as few as 2 people in each raft.

I guess the record setting 97 degrees kept everyone in the waterpark.

When I was done with the water rides I went to Talon that had 2 people in the station. It really seemed to be running well today.

Wild Mouse had no wait to get into the station, normally I skip the ride because of the slow moving line but couldn't pass up a 2 minute wait.

Hydra had people just waiting for the first row and the more I ride Hydra, the less I like it. I don't know what about it makes me not like it as much other than comparing it to Bizarro which I think is a way better coaster.

Demon Drop had no one in line, and the cars were sitting empty waiting for riders. This was my 3rd time trying the ride and I still don't like how it hurts your neck.

Thunderhawk also was a walk on for a middle row, it looks like some of the wooden track might have been replaced as it looked new. I'm not sure how recent it is since I hadn't ridden Thunderhawk since June.

Walking to Steel Force I saw a couple people be turned away from the scrambler because they were single riders. CF really needs to go back to allowing single riders.

Steel Force had a wait for the front and last rows but the rest of the station was empty. I got 2 rides and went to Possessed which was a 1 cycle wait.

I was going to ride Talon again and stop at Dominator but the heat was really starting to be annoying and uncomfortable.

With WWK closing for the season Monday, I guess I can focus on the coasters the rest of the season since even though this was my 9th trip to the park this season, other than Talon I have yet to ride any coaster more than 10 times total this season.

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Regarding your Hydra comments, I actually really enjoy that ride. I like how different it is from so many other floorless coasters out there.

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My complaint is how uncharacteristically rough it is.

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I don't remember if it was rough the year it opened, but regardless, it's just an underwhelming ride overall.

The ride being rough and vibrating is a major reason I like the ride as much as I should the other reason is the layout. I know it's probably the most unique B&M floorless with the jojo roll, inclined dive loop and different cobra roll all not found on any other B&M but I feel like something is missing. Maybe part of the problem is that inversions 2 - 6 are right after one another with nothing in between and no vertical loop (my favorite inversion).

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It's unfortunate that the best part of the coaster is 10 feet from the start. The jojo roll is great, after that the ride suffers from too small of a footprint.

A friend of mine (who rode it for the first time with me last year) said that the 2nd half of the ride "was like making a coaster on RTC. By the end, you are just throwing random pieces of track together to get back to the station any way you can."

Made me laugh. :)

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I'll agree that once you leave the cobra roll the ride is more or less over. However, I admire that they tried to spice things up a little as opposed to just tossing in a couple zig-zags.

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