Dorney Park, 8/5/08

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I got to the park at around 10:15, the road before you turned into the gated entrance was all backed up and the waterpark already had some lines.

Thunder Canyon had no one in line, they were still loading 4 rafts at a time which was nice since they usually only load 2 or 3 when it is slow.

Wildwater Kingdom was packed. Most of the slides were 10 - 15 minutes but some were a little longer. Aquablast had a full line and was into the entrance area by 11:45 a.m.

Of course the ride side wasn't that crowded. Hydra had a long line but that was because only 1 train was running. It looked to be 30 minutes, not worth it. Stopped at Music Express, the ride seemed like it had a much longer cycle in past years. I also saw at one of the games (the one with the plastic ball and the gun where you shoot plastic cylinders) SP holders get 3 tries for $5.00 instead of 2 tries for $5.00. I also saw 10% off at Windjammers in the waterpark.

Dominator Green was a 2 cycle wait. Voodoo was a 3 cycle wait. In the station, right before my 2nd ride it broke down. They didn't say how long it would be closed for so I left after 5 minutes and went to Laser. It was a 3 train wait so that was around 15 minutes but since Voodoo had everyone exiting due to the breakdown (a few people stayed in the station) Laser's line got much longer by the time I exited the ride.

I would have liked to have taken more than 1 ride since I know it could be gone at any time now but if I did happen to get my last ride, it was a front seat ride so I am satisfied.

Steel Force's line looked to be around 20 minutes, too long for me so I skipped it and went to Thunderhawk which was a 2 train wait. Thunder Creek Mountain appeared to be around 15 minutes but I skipped it.

I tried Just Tacos for lunch. I got the Nachos Supreme for $4.50. It's one of the best deals in the park. I got a huge serving of Nachos with lots of beef, sour cream and cheese. It's enough to fill you up for under $5.00. Hydra was running 2 trains now so it was a 2 train wait for row 5. I finished the day with Talon, also a 2 train wait for the middle of the train.

By the time I left, the main part of the larger lot was almost full. It was the most crowded I have seen the lot this year but I don't go on summer weekends.

Just Tacos is the bomb! :) The prices are superb compared to other taco stands at other parks, and the flavoring of the meat is nice and strong. Hey, do you remember when that used to be Taco Bell?

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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I was there a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday when the overflow lot was filling up and cars were parked on the grass. Still thanks to the waterpark, the longest coaster wait was only 15 minutes! Dorney is so cool that way!

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AV, I KNOW, right? Dorney Park has spoiled pretty much everyone I know in the area because we think ALL the parks are going to be so spectacularly empty. Then we go to Great Adventure and we're all peeved. LOL

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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