Dorney Park, 8/27/09

I'm going to keep this short

I got to the park at 12:00, the first part of the main lot was almost full so not too crowded for a day in August.

Talon had a line so I went to Hydra and saw Wild Mouse had a line that was well over an hour. Hydra was a 3 train wait. Dominator also had a huge line for the Turbo Drop side and a line for the Space Shot side as well so I went to Posessed. 3 cycle wait so I rode twice.

Steel Force was next where it was a 3 to 4 train wait. I got 2 rides here as well and got my 100th ride on Steel Force. I stopped back at Posessed and Hydra and then went back to Talon which was down the stairs.

I skipped Thunderhawk since only 1 train was running and the line was down the stairs and into 2 switchbacks and looked to be 20+ minutes.

WWK and the water rides had short lines since it was cloudy and only around 70 and slightly drizzling on and off all day.

I also stopped in the 75% off store and got a framed Hydra lithograph with pin for $8.75, original price was $74.99 and he reduced to $35. I have had my eye on it for a few years but was waiting for a better deal.

I also hope to return next week for 1 last trip to WWK (can't believe it is almost Labor Day!).

I agree. Where did this summer go?

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