Dorney Park, 8/13/06 (Crowded for Dorney)

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I got to the park at about 6:15 p.m., the main lot was almost full and the overflow lot was almost full.

Talon had 4 or 5 switchbacks full, longest I have ever seen the line so I held off on riding it. Hydra was also into the switchbacks and the log flume had almost a full queue.

Thunderhawk was running 2 trains and it was a 5 minute wait. Felt a little more rough today than normal.

Laser was only running 1 train (does it ever run 2 anymore?), and was a 20 minute wait. The paint is starting to come off the track and you can see the old red track color in some spots.

Steel Force had 3 switchbacks full but with 3 trains running it was only a 12 minute wait. I went for another ride and also rode Thunderhawk again which now had a 10 minute wait.

At this point, the log flume had about a 5 minute wait so I rode and got soaked as usual.

I then went to Talon to see if the line was any better and 4 switchbacks were used. Even though I am used to riding all the coasters at Dorney with minimal waits I decided to wait anyway. It ended up being about 40 minutes for a front seat ride.

Security did a great job overseeing the line. They had a guard standing on a platform in the middle of the line to watch for line cutting and other problems. Someone pointed out to the security guard how one person was in line and 2 others joined him by cutting through half the line. The guard told all 3 to go to the back of the line. They refused and he then said they could go to the back of the line or leave the park, their choice. 2 of the people left and the third one still wouldn't leave but after another threat of being ejected from the park, he left as well. A few minutes later the 3rd person cut again and the guard saw him. I couldn't hear exactly what happened but the security guard was saying something about how he never said all black people had to leave the line (I think the line cutter was claiming he was being told to go to the back of the line because he was black) and again refused to leave the line. The guard took this guy and escorted him out of line and possibly out of the park as well as the guard was gone for close to 10 minutes. I was very glad to see line cutting being enforced and handled seriously because as I'm sure everyone will agree, it's very annoying.

I was going to leave as it was around 8:45 at this point but wanted to try to ride Hydra. It ended up being a 20 minute wait, which seemed very long compared to the less than 5 minute waits almost all of my past Hydra rides have been.

At this point, it looked like crowds were starting to thin out so I went to the whip with a 1 cycle wait, Laser with a 2 train wait and finally Steel Force with a 3 train wait. After Steel Force, it was 9:51 p.m. and I was going to try to run and get 1 last ride on Talon but I was afraid they might have closed the line early if there was still a long line so went back for 1 more Steel Force ride. I decided to wait for the front since I had never ridden there before it was a 5 train wait. I actually got on the last train of the night and it was quite different riding in the front row. The wind was more forecful but not too bad.

The park was closed and was going to stop and get some 25 cent cotton candy but the line at 10:15 p.m. had about 25 people in it! Cedar Fair was really smart offering the 25 cent cotton candy because the stands always have a line and people probably remember the good deal they got.

It took less than 5 minutes to exit the lot even with everyone leaving the park which was susprising as I thought it would take a lot longer.

Overall it was a good trip but I probably won't go on a summer weekend again as I'd rather go on a weekday when most rides are less than 10 minute waits

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