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Tuesday, July 25, 2000 6:56 AM
First of all I took advantage of the Twilight plan because I live 10min. away. The park was almost empty but the rain caused Laser to be closed and Herc+ Wild Moose closed part of the evening. Suprisingly, Steel Force stayed open!

Wild Mouse
One walk on ride, I still like HP's better

One ride because the ride ran one train. One word came to my mind, What! This ride went against my other experiences and autually was fun! 10min wait

5 rides and in some instances we were the only ones on the ride!

Steel Force
I love this coaster! 10 rides, ranging from 3 train wait to walk-on! 3 rides in the 3rd seat for max airtime. Autally I rode in almost every seat!

I also got on Dominator's Turbo drop, the log flume, Carousel, Wave Swinger, and two excellent rides on Hang time!

For 13 dollars you cant go wrong! I cant wait for the Invert! It looks promising!

Racers Start your Engines!
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Sunday, April 8, 2001 5:26 PM
Yup, Invert looks promising! Lol! I cant wait for opening day. I got my season pass processed today and Talon looks promising. It wasn't running, but it looks way cooler and tighter in person.

Talon 2001

'Nuff Said

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