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I took down the trip report because SOME PEOPLE cant respect my opinion. Just because I dont like Dorney doesnt mean to have to yell at me saying "Oh but they added this and this..". I DONT CARE WHAT THEY ADDED! I dont like dorney, and thats final. Deal with it.

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Yeah dang that Cedar Fair and their ability to keep parks clean.

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I don't understand what your problem with Cedar Fair is. The park has done nothing but got better since their takeover. I remember it before then also. There is more shade now than ever, and more coming once the brilliant new landscaping matures. Just replacing all the asphalt midways with concrete is a major improvement, and you feet will appreciate it on hot days. There is only one ride that they have removed that I can say that I miss, and that is the Iceberg. Other than that, all they have done is add more and more. I honestly believe that when it comes to Cedar Fair's pecking order, Dorney is tied with Knotts at #2.


I just did not have a good time at Dorney Park at all! Simple as that. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it WAS the fact that I couldnt find much shade or maybe I just had a sour attitude. I had a bad day, and maybe when I go again I will appreciate it more.

And yes, sometimes there were too many trashcans. I mean cmon, trashcans are helpful but in some cases I saw so many in such close proximity of each other!

There is some shade in this park. The are right past hercules. Thats about it. Theres a little bit on the path to steel force (The one that was made when steel force debued) but other than that, theres not much.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Cedar Fair add both Steel Force and Talon? (I know they added Talon.)

I'd say it was more of a good thing that they took the park over.

And yes, I've had many a day ruined by heat and lack of H20. Look at the tree-less SFGAm as an example. :)

They added Steel Force, Talon, White Water Landing, Thunder Canyon, Dominator, Wild Mouse, Hangtime, Meteor, Camp Snoopy, Red Garter Saloon, Coasters, and tons of facelifts.


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hey blitzjade, u bicker more than my grandmom. To add to that you complain about the stupidest stuff ever, i.e. trashcans?? how can you be so particular. Who cares whether there were too many. Be glad there weren't too few or else you'd be complaining about that too. And how DARE you complain that you don't like what Cedar Fair has done to Dorney! your remark is simply outrageous! Dont argue with me about dorney because I know pretty much about my hometown park. And your such a liar, the Laser's chainlift has ALWAYS been that slow, cedar fair hasnt "done" anything to slow the chainlift down. Yes, I'm not the happiest that dorney has joined the "corporate" ladder and has left their "hometown" park roots behind, but cedar fair has really aided dorney alot. Like genetic freak said, they gave dorney white water landing, thunder canyon, camp snoopy, talon, steel force, wild mouse, meteor, hangtime, dominator, and probably many other things that I dont know off the top of my head. I believe cedar fair only has done dorney better. I dont think dorney really had a choice without them. I heard that Dorney was about to go under if Cedar Fair hadent taken over. The 2 rides that i am angry at cedar fair for getting rid of are the iceberg, like you said, and journey to the center of the earth. Two awesome dark rides! Other than that I'm pleasantly pleased with what Cedar Fair has done to the park. Dorney gave into corporate america but they desperately needed to for the parks own success.-Dante

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Wow thanks DorneyDante! Why dont you respect someones opinion for once? Sure, my opinion may not be the fairest, but you can just be quiet and stop yelling at me. I respect peoples opinions, you dont see me yelling at people because they dont like Six Flags Great Adventure etc. So just stop yelling at me, its pointless. And I dont wanna hear about your stinky ole grandma.

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