Dorney Park 7/1/09

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Just got back from a trip to Dorney Park with 13 other coworkers. I haven't been up to Dorney in about a decade and man has the park changed from the first two times I remembered it. Heck, the first time we went we parked on that hill lot behind Steel Force. :)

The general opinion of the park from those who had never been there, which was most of the group I went with, was that it was fun times and better than they had expected after seeing the park's web site. The lines were at worst, 5-10 minutes wait (on any ride, not just coasters) and the only ride shut down(s) we saw were at the end of the night, 5 minutes prior to the park closing due to some off in the distance lightning. On the way home to Baltimore, the skies let loose with some intense thunderstorms. I'm glad we missed those the entire day.

Luckily for us, we had Pepsi cans that gave us $6 off admission, which was cheaper than the $3 off on the website for buying online. Giving the girl at the ticket stand 14 cans of Pepsi through that little hole in the window sure started the day off with some laughs (probably not for the people in line behind us). There wasn't too much of a line to buy tickets though because we got to the park around 11:30 a.m. because we had to pick our rental van up at 8 a.m. and get things ready to go.

If you just look at the coasters we rode, this is how many times I got on each one in the park:

  • Talon: 8
  • Thunderhawk: 3
  • Steel Force: 6
  • Wild Mouse: 1
  • Hyrda: 6
  • Possessed: 5
  • Kid Coasters (too lazy to look up names): 1 each

My Top 5: 5- Alpengeist 4-Superman: Ride of Steel 3-El Toro 2-Milleunnium Force 1-Nitro

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