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Tuesday, July 10, 2001 12:22 PM
We woke up from an exhausting and tiring day before to make the journey to Dorney Park. About an hour and 20minutes later we are there. Parking lot was not that full so we knew we were going to have a good day..

Talon:This ride was pretty good. Lots leg choppers. Ride is extremely smooth and VERY quiet. Sometimes, only way you could tell if its running by screams. Its not as intense as others I have ridden, but its a great addition to the park

Steel Force: Its a good hyper. I had to change seats a little to finally get in a good ride with some good air. I thought the ride held back, cause the mid-course brakes were on a little too hard. At one ride, it nears halted the train completely. But after several rides it got in the groove and delivered some good airtime. I thought the back was best. The ride is pretty smooth, with a wonderful helix. The trains are big, too. Notice that this park is definitely into enforcing the Cedar Fair policy on re-rides as they dont allow re-rides, Even though there was hardly anyone waiting for the middle seats.

Hercules: Ummm, this ride sucks. Im sorry but I cant say anything nice about it. Dont mean to be so blunt about it but, dayuum. Its no reason for a ride to be that rough to the point you have to fight it.

Thunderhawk: Wow. Once again, this ride shows you dont have to be over 150 to produce a good ride. Lots of airtime and very fun.

Laser: It was short, but intense. Reminded me of the Scorpion at BGT. Pretty short, but at the same time produce alot of g's. Good ride

Wild Mouse: This is a cute ride. Ive always liked mouse rides. Lots of banked turns. Brakes werent on that hard which made for a more enjoyable ride.

Great day. It seem like everyone was at the water park which was a good thing for us. Got like 6 rides on Steel Force/Talon each. Clean park with some good food (love those homemade pretzels). Nice layout, lots of room to walk. I hope I can return again, someday....

Dayuum, Your HOT!

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