Dorney Park 6/13

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Yesterday, my brother, cousin, and I went to Dorney. It wasn't busy at all. Most we waited for a ride was 5 mintutes, just about everything was running 2 trains. We arrived there before opening in time to get our season passes for CP next week. :) As soon as we had those, we went over to get a locker. Then, it was off to the coasters! (We did start off with Talon and Hydra, but some of the other stuff is out of order).

Talon- walk-on most of the day; great ride as usual. Rode 10+ times throughout the day. Rode in back and front row most of the day.

Hydra-walk-on; got in 20+ rides throughout the day, good times. :)

Steel Force- rode 2 times, Uncle met us at this time. He sat in front row with my brother, and my cousin sat with me right behind them. Good ride, love the moment of suspense of when you will drop at the top of the hill. Great airtime.

Laser- fun, fast. Rode 1 time towards the back of the train.

Thunderhawk- I don't really like the ride that much, but it was a walk-on, so we went on it. Everyone took their own row. :) It was an okay ride, but it is really rough.

We also went on Thunder Canyon. Wow, that thing really soaks you. Everyone in our raft came out completely drenched. :)

We went in the water park for a bit. The new wave pool is nice, but the waves aren't really that big. It was a nice cool down. Also, tried out the lazy river that has hills on it. That was fun, but kind of short.

I think I forgot a few things, oh well. :) Overall, our trip was great, really light crowds. We got our season passes and cotton candy. Ready for CP next week!! :)

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

Nice TR, I was there yesterday as well and it was great with the lack of crowds. The waterpark looked a little crowded. In 2 1/2 hours I got 6 rides on Talon, 3 rides on Hydra, 2 on Steel Force and 1 each on Laser and Thunderhawk.

I hope it stays like that on weekdays throughout the summer even though I expect it to get a little more crowded once kids get out of school.

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