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Friday, June 14, 2002 3:56 PM

After a fun weekend, I still had plenty of vacation left. Tuesday morning I left MagnumForces place intending to visit Hershey, Dorney, Knobbles and Darien Lake before the Michigan 400 sunday. Well as you all know MF ruined those plans. Tuesday evening I stayed in the Econo Lodge in Granstville, along I-81 just north of Hershey. It was a decent hotel, nothing special. I enjoyed dinner that night at the Windy's next to Lightning Racer's.

Wednesday morning I left the Hotel and drove to Dorney Park, arriving about an hour before the Gate opened. I entered the park and went straight to Talon . It opened right on time at 10:00 My first ride was in the back, it's a great Invert, I rate it right below Raptor and TG:TJC. I then rode the Mouse, it is a nice; but, typical Mouse. I continued my lap around the park and stopped at Meteor, it was a suprisingly fun ride, sorta like an inverted swinging ship but better. My next ride was Hurcules, a typical Summers-Dinn ride, I really enjoyed the lake turnaround, it reminded me of Hurler. In typical CF fasion it brakes on the first drop and seems rather slow.

I took a quick ride on Apollo 2000 then arrived at Thunderhawk, this is a great old PTC classic. I enjoyed this coaster but was dissapointed in the brake on the first bunny hop. It seems so small sitting next to Steel Force.

Steel Force was an enjoyable fast ride but I got no air on either of my laps, one in front and one in back. My second ride on SF was my only ride all day that wasn't a walk on. It was a one train wait!

My ride on Laser Loops made me begin to black out, the kids in line were rather unsure of its portable installation. I pointed out that its the kind of coaster they use in European fairs.

I had to then ride the Whip, it was much better than our ride at LaSordsville Lake Sunday.

I had a very bad lunch at Coasters, it began at the register where the casher spoke no English, the othe casher was actually interpreting! For 13 and change I got a cold double cheesburger and cold onion petals with a coke.

After lunch I rerode Talon in front then left the park to do some sightseeing I made a long trip to Valley Forge by way of New Jersey and the Philly Suburbs. Returning to Hershey after passing thru Lancaster.

Thursday morning I got up with the intent to visit Hershey park after a quick visit to the Penna. RR Museum in Strasburg, I was just outside of Lancaster when my phone rang and mom told me about Brent, so I turned around and headed back to Michigan. Thankfully he is now sitting on the couch snoring and no longer in the CCU. Today we went to Qualifying at MIS, until he needed to come home and drink his chicken broth.

Whats life if you never get to the Po!nt?

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Friday, June 14, 2002 4:53 PM

Nice Trip Report! I hope Brent will get better soon:)

-Sean Newman
83 coasters and soon to be more
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Saturday, June 15, 2002 6:14 PM
Sounds like fun, Laser Loops must be pretty intense to make you black out.

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