Dorney Park 5-29-11

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I got to the park around 2pm and the bulk of the people were in the waterpark=short coaster lines. Talon was walk on and I sat in the front row. Very smooth ride aside from a slight ear bang through the dive loop. Next I went to Hydra (walk on) and sat in the front row. In my mind, this is the roughest B&M floorless I have been on to date.

Went over to the log flume to cool off and waited about 15mins. I got drenched pretty good. This is one of my fav log flumes since the drop is built right into the little mountain. Went back to hydra hoping for a smoother ride and got one by sitting in one of the middle rows.

Possessed was a two train wait. I sat in the last row and its just a great view going up the straight spike. I went over to where they are putting the new 2012 vekoma and just saw some markers put into place. I am wondering if they are going to open the Asylum for the dorney haunt due to this "construction" going on. What was sad to see is they removed the tiny dragon coaster and steel first from the area.

Speaking of kids, the new planet snoopy had a lot of new flat rides including tea cups, balloon chase, a kiddie monorail ride, sally's swing, a kiddie drop tower like ride etc. Woodstock's express is still there with some new painted track (still yellow). Overall woodstock express and the teacups are the only rides adults can ride by themselves. I tried to get onto the monorail ride but lacked a kid to accompany me onto it. DENIED.

Steel force was a walk on with me sitting in one of the middle rows. Didn't get great air time on the camel humps on the way back but really felt the G's in the helix. Thunderhawk was a one train wait. I sat in the last row and got the smoothest ride I have ever had. You still get a little tossed around but it comes with the territory I guess.

Decided to eat at the Game day grill. Got the hot chicken sandwich and had really great dessert (peanut butter pie). Next was a ride on the cannonball train to let my food settle. Could not understand the attendant's narration but that was ok. Another lap on Talon sitting in the back row this time. Liked riding back there as opposed to the front Another lap on Hydra sitting in the back row and finally got a good ride out of it. Before I left the park got a final lap on Talon and called it a day.

Overall the staff were very friendly, most coasters and other flats were walk on or minimum wait. I know that if you have a platinum pass (and probably season pass) ride photo's are buy one get one free and only coast ten bucks. They are decent size too. All around the park they have stickets that say something to the tune of season pass holder? Ask how you can save.

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That's what I like about Dorney! The ride side is never too crowded on a hot day. I prefer not to go into the waterpark anymore. Did you ride Demon drop? I like their log flume too. Its a longer, drawn out drop due to being built on the hillside. Good trip report. How expensive was lunch at the game day grill? Last time we ate there it was expensive!

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I didn't do demon drop. I am not a huge fan of it so I skipped it. The main courses in Game Day were on the pricey side. 11-14 bucks for a meal. What I did not like is they charge a buck for refills. I thought they were free until I got the bill!

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They charged for refills? Because charging you four bucks isn't already criminal?

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Last year there was no charge for them. But it is what it is. Gotta pay for that 2012 vekoma somehow I guess lol.

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