Dorney Park, 10/19/08

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I got to the park at around 6:30. The first part of the main lot was around 40% - 50% full, maybe 5,000 people or so I am guessing.

First ride of the day was of course Talon. 3 train wait. I went back for another ride with a 1 train wait. Hydra was also a 3 train wait and at this time it was dark out and they had fog all over the place which made the ride a little better.

The Haunt attractions seemed to have moderate lines, probably 15 - 30 minutes for each with Headstone Hollow being the longest line with an almost full queue.

Dominator only had the Turbo Drop side running, 1 cycle wait. I wanted to check out Headstone Hollow but not actually walk through it so I went to the Zephyr. I was the only one on the train and I could see from the train how actors hid behind tombstones and jumped out to scare people. Not something I would really like so I didn't go through any of the walkthroughs or houses.

I went to Voodoo, 1 cycle wait for all rows but the front or back. I thought for sure it would have somewhat of a line but like all the other rides it had no line.

Laser was closed yet again. After it being closed on my last trip 2 weeks ago, I really had hoped it would be open. Other rides closed were Monster, Meteor, Revolution and Balloon Race. Since so many other rides were closed due to Haunt, I was hoping to see the remaining rides open. This was possibly my final trip of the season to Dorney so it was fusturating to not get a final Laser ride.

Steel Force was a 4 train wait for the front, 1 - 2 train wait for the other rows. It was 42 degrees out and to have your hands up was very numbing. The train after mine got stuck on the lift because someone took out a camera or phone. When I went back into the station for a 2nd ride it was annouced that was why the ride was stuck and now that everyone was warned, if you took out a phone or camera out during the ride, you wouldn't be allowed to ride Steel Force the rest of the night. Not much of a punishment. I think they should have threatened to throw anyone out of the park who took out a camera or phone.

The op who was using the microphone in the station talking about that must have offended someone because I saw a guy and a girl get off the ride and ask him for his name. He pulled out his nametag and said here's my employee number. They said nevermind. I don't know what he did that got them upset, they were probably over reacting.

I went back to Voodoo for another ride, 1 cycle wait for the last row. Dominator was now running the Space Shot side but not the Turbo Drop side, walk on. I wasn't feeling that well from the cold weather and from having a cold all week so I decided I had enough riding. Since Voodoo's name is changing, I wanted to get something with the old name on it. I got 2 Voodoo shirts for 65% off and called it a night. It hasn't officially been announced the name is changing but considering all Voodoo merchandise is 65% off and it is a new ride that just opened this year, why else would they be discounting everything with Voodoo on it?

It was nice to see crowds in the park but at the same time, I was also glad the coaster lines were non existant since that is what I was at the park for

Ride Count:
Talon, 2x
Hydra, 1x
Dominator Blue, 1x
Dominator Red, 1x
Voodoo, 3x
Steel Force, 2x
Zephyr, 1x

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