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My partner and I spontaneously decided to take a trip to Dorney Park for a day trip. We left Pittsburgh a little bit after 06:30 and rolled into the park entrance road around 11:00. Upon entry, my partner and I were impressed with the location chosen for Iron Menace and the impact it makes on the entry road. We were not impressed at all with the parking lot management. Lots of misdirected patrons driving all across the lots with numerous employees acting without direction.

After the walk to the main gate, no signs to point you in the proper direction, we made it inside the park. Once inside the park we spent a bit of time finding where we could get our Fast Lane bands, we purchased the season pass All Parks Fast Lane+ add on and we were gonna use them! Finally, with the help of a re-entry attendant we were pointed in the right direction and got our blue bands.

First impressions inside the park were positive. Grounds were clean, buildings kept nice, and all rides except for a couple secondary rides were open.

Hydra - The Revenge was our first ride of the day and it was a walk on with or without the Fast Lane. We chose to ride 1.3 and 1.4 The heartline roll out of the station is definitely a unique and fun way to start a coaster ride. The ride was smoother than I expected except for a minor vibration that did not detract from the experience. We rode a total of three times throughout the day, two in the front row and once in the back row. Front row was definitely our favorite.

Thunderhawk was next for us. We rode this twice, once in the front row and once in the middle of the train. In my opinion this coaster could use some TLC. It was beyond rough and just not enjoyable. I love wooden coasters, but I could have gone without riding if I knew previously.

Steel Force was next for the day. First ride was the last car of the train. My partner loved the coaster. He truly loved the floater airtime, I on the other hand enjoyed the ride, but thought it was a bit rough in the back. We came back later in the day and rode in the front row. I found the ride extremely enjoyable in the front. It’s definitely a classic I’d ride again in the front.

Iron Menace was next and we were a walk in in the front row. WOW, we were impressed with the ride. The beyond vertical drop played on you looking at it from the hold, but did nothing for the physical ride experience. The pacing was great, the scenery was great (except the cartoony smelter painting on the ground), and the ride was smooth (except for the turn into the brake run). We rode this two more times throughout the day and it definitely did not disappoint.

Possessed was the last coaster before lunch. We rode in the front row and my partner did not like seeing the top of the front spiral getting close to him. We rode a second time in the last row and he liked the ride better, definitely not his favorite. I was a bit disappointed the rear spike brake was nonfunctional. I remember the Six Flag Worlds of Adventure days when I received my first rides on this impulse and the rear spike brake caught me off guard every time.

We ate at the Iron Mill and the food wasn’t bad, but expensive for what it is. We had a flatbread tomato bacon pizza, pierogis, and chicken sandwich with an Iron Menace American Lager and Simply Spiked Strawberry Lemonade.

After lunch we rode Talon, AMAZING. We loved the use of the terrain and landscaping. Talon was also smooth throughout the ride. We did three runs on this throughout our visit.

We hit up Wild Mouse afterward and loved that the hairpin turns did not have the trims activated. The second half of the ride lacked fun due to the trims grabbing hard. I was kind of indifferent on this coaster but wished they would balance out the trims across the ride. My partner hated it.

My partner hates drop rides, but somehow I convinced him to ride Demon Drop with me. The last time I rode this ride was at Cedar Point 1996. It was a favorite back then and even today it doesn’t disappoint. It’s still sounds like it’s going to fall apart upon every clang and bang it makes.

I gave my partner a revenge flat ride choice for me to ride with him. He chose Revolution. I can ride and love MaxAir and Delirium, so I figured I’d be okay riding this. I talked the whole ride to keep my mind occupied but it still made me nauseous. I got off and struggled to walk straight.

Overall it was a great day at Dorney. The park stayed spotless and the restrooms were always clean. The staff was friendly all day long. I don’t know how Talon and Hydra have stayed so smooth throughout the ride but they are both extremely enjoyable coasters. We left around 18:00 and were very happy with our day trip.

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Glad to hear you had a great time. I’ve found Dorney to be quite underrated, and I’m glad to see it’s still delivering a great experience. It’s been over a decade since my last trip, and I’d like to get back.

Also, from a ride-specific perspective, I’m glad to hear the appreciation for Hydra. I always thought it was an awful lot of fun.

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It’s been a long time since I have been there (when Hydra was new) and this trip made me realize the hidden gem we have in this park. The park has its quirks but I think it is going to be in our yearly itinerary.

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After lunch we rode Talon, AMAZING. We loved the use of the terrain and landscaping. Talon was also smooth throughout the ride.

This makes me happy to read. I want to say it's been 15 years since we've been to Dorney, but used to go every year before that as part of a larger PPP trip. Talon has always been my favorite Invert and I'm glad to see that it still runs well after all these years.

I'd definitely like to get back to Dorney, since IM looks great.

Did you still see Security in the queues of the coaster. I was glad to see it Memorial Day weekend and I am hoping it stays all season long.

Watch the tram car please....


Did you still see Security in the queues of the coaster.

Not for most of the day. Around 17:00 we saw security under Steel Force and one guard standing on Hydra’s platform. For the most part we didn’t see security around the park much. I’m assuming, maybe they have plain clothed security?

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