Dorney Park & Hersheypark 6/15/08 (Day 2)

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Started the day in Allentown and finished it in Hershey. More random thoughts:

- Despite having ridden most of the notable inverted coasters in the US, Talon is still my favorite.

- Finally got that ride on Voodoo. I've now ridden it as Superman, Steel Venom and Voodoo.

- The people of Allentown are majorly wigged by the towers wobbling on Voodoo. I could fill a novel with the theories, stories and expert opinion I overheard in the park.

- Posessions has some neat stuff. The Voodoo logo lends itself to merchandise quite nicely.

- Did I mention how 'grown in" Dorney felt?

- The staff we encountered at Dorney was much nicer today than yesterday.

- The drive to Hershey was awesome. I stuck with a group drivers who weren't afraid to completely ignore that goofy 55mph speed limit.

- The cheap-ass Hersheypark tickets at GIANT are a nice find. Thanks, RGB.

- My son got more excited to meet people in candy suits today than I've seen him get meeting any other characters at any other park.

- The addition of the cows in the Chocolate World factory tour ride thingy is a disgrace. They suck.

- Got to try Wildcat with the new trains. It went from being one of the worst woodies ever to among the bottom ranks. A step up, but not enough.

- Fahrenheit is a cool ride, but it's not the best coaster in the park. Not even second best. And for everyone who wanted to compare it to Maverick...well...Maverick blows it away.

- The previous opinion is based on one night ride in the front seat. Perhaps another ride will change it? Probably not though.

- Storm Runner is still the best steel coaster in the park. Quite possibly the best coaster in the park period...and that endorsement has nothing to do with the lauch (which while being kickass is probably my least favorite part of the ride)

- A lot has changed at Hersheypark since my last visit in 2004. I barely recognized some areas.

- The bugs in the Fahrenheit station were ridiculous. Like to the point of absurdity. I wasn't thinking, but in hindsight, I wish I had gotten video of it.

- The internet service in the hotels has been pretty weak so far. Bad run of luck or industry trend?

- More Hersheypark tomorrow before we head to Jersey.

That's it for today. I need to sleep.

Gonch, you ARE on a roll. Hehehe...I didn't notice any bugs in the Fahrenheit station at all when I went. You must just smell tasty to the insect world. Bwahahahahaha...hope you didn't swallow any.

I think you are correct that Storm Runner is the best coaster in the park. I know a lot of people out there really don't like it, but it's one of my favorite coasters so far in my list. It's only under El Toro and MAYBE Nitro. We'll see how this changes after this summer is over. Planning on heading to a few more parks on the east before I'm done for the year.

You gotta love Hershey, right? :) Interesting thing: I heard someone at Knoebels complain about spending 10 bucks for parking at Hershey. I laughed and told them they were absolutely spoiled by the freeness at K. Then I enlightened them on Great Adventure's parking prices. They said, "I'm really glad I'm taking a bus." Heh....Hershey doesn't seem to be that bad....what is your take on the price points for Hershey/Dorney/Great Adventure versus parks in other areas of the country? I'm sure there is a variety.,

Okay, I just realized I'm completely off topic. Going to bed.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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I thought Wildcat was great when it opened. One of my favorites back then. Last few times I went, it's just been horrible.

I did notice that if you ride it first thing in the morning before it loosens up, it's still a decent ride.

Maybe it could use some trims! (See, I told you I'm a horrible enthusiast.)


Awesome TR, Gonch. Then again, we expect nothing less. My random responses to your random comments:

I'd all love to hear a few of the more enlightened opinions you heard about Voodoo. Possessions-- I like the name. Witty tie-in to the voodoo and shopping theme. You sure CF came up with that one? :)

No construction between Allentown and Hershey? Most days people would be glad to be able to drive 55 on I-78. No problem with the tip about buying HP tickets at Giant. Glad I could help out- even if I am aiding and abetting your purchased line-jumping activities @ GAdv.

What is it about seeing 7-foot tall candy wrappers? Super heroes and comic strip characters, whatever. But I always have to wave at the Peanut Butter Cup or Rolo guy @ HP. BTW, is your son getting to ride many coasters yet?

Maybe I just caught some good rides lately, but I like Wildcat (again). I think it's greatly improved since 2006. If you hadn't ridden since 2004, I think you missed the real low point. At least I don't feel I need to ride with a mouthguard.

Fahrenheit is a cool ride-- do we need a rim shot there? Maverick probably is more extreme, but I don't think Hershey was looking to duplicate that going in. They had a more compact area to work in and were probably aiming for a slightly more family-friendly clientele than CP.

I know my friend at work took one look at the towers shaking on Voodoo and went from excited to terrified to ride it. She still got on it and thought it was "ok", but she noticed the towers shaking. Makes me laugh too when I hear it.

RGB, I hugged a candy bar last time I went to Chocolate World. Wish I would have had a camera. I know what you mean about it just being absolutely infectious.

They finished most of the construction on 78/22 on the part where you drive from Allentown to Hershey.

I really liked Wildcat too. It's one of the rougher woodies that I've been on recently (save Comet and Thunderhawk), but it has an old school vibe about it and isn't nearly as bad as it was (RGB's definitely right about the 2004 season. Horrendous). Not ohe of my favorites any longer, but I've definitely had worse.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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