Dorney Park - New Policy - No single riders on Ferris Wheel

Jeff admits he is judgmental!! No way. Oh wait I almost forgot about the guy who rode a coaster out west a ton of times almost every day and Jeff decided to label him "sad" even though he knew nothing about him.

Another single rider situation. I am starting to see a pattern here! LOL

Wow. I quit checking into this topic a while ago because you can only say and read so much about suicidal Ferris Wheel jumpers...

matt. said:

...I'm really kind of shocked and depressed that this isn't like...readily apparent to everyone here. I mean I don't have a problem with people going to parks alone and maybe sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do but aren't all the best memories the ones when you've shared the experience with people you love?

I'm thankful I can still ride with my parents when I'm back home in KY but I'm also intensely jealous of people with children who have the chance to take their kids to these places. I can't imagine what it feels like to take your kid on Raven or Phoenix or Boulderdash for the first time!

If I can't potentially have an experience like that at a park I just won't go. More important things in life, better things to do. There's just no joy in it if there's not someone to share it with me.

Thinking back to my favorite park trips in my life, I remember most fondly the trips I took with my family as a kid. Nowadays it seems that I just go because it is my hobbie more than wanting to spend quality time with people I love.

You know I have the same issue with being jealous of parents who can share the park experience with their kids. I have always invited kids I know (Cousins, Nieces and Nephews, friends, ect. and their parents if they want) to go to a park with me and that really seems to help me with that jealousy. The best part about that is you can give them back. lol

I often ask my Mom and Sis (with the Nieces and Nephews and their Dad) to plan to visit a park with me like we did when we were kids and it never turns out. They really don't like parks and my Mom is getting a little too old to be able to enjoy them anymore. We just might go to Dollywood next Spring if it all works out. Maybe it's time for me to somehow start my own family.

I have the problem of having friends that don't like to visit parks. They would all rather see concerts, which is great and all, because I'll be right there with them. I differ from matt. in that it doesn't bother me at all to go to parks alone when that is the only way.

I view it as an activity similar to shopping alone ,eating fast food alone, or seeing a movie alone. To me it's not so bad.

I guess I am a loner. lol

I have found that there are very few people in my immediate circle who enjoy parks as much as I do. When I try to round up the friends with thier children, I always get excuses and a genreal lack of interest.

When I go with my family, I know I will have a very different day then when I go alone. First off, my nine year old is a bit short, so as much as he likes "big rides," he has a limited amount that he can choose from.

It also means that my wife (a non rider) and I will spend at least 2 hours sweating away at the "Buggs Bunny Fun Factory."

If they do go, which will happen tomorrow, I voluntarily give up the day for them, and possibly do one ride maximum for me.

When I go solo, as Bear mentioned, I think about no one. I eat when I want. I rest when I want and I get on more rides. I also am at the ropedrop and hopefully at the close, although that's getting harder to do due to my insane schedule.

My suggestion for those that want to do a park with "general peeps" or even "non-enthusiastic peeps" is to:

1) Pick a park that is relatively small.

2) Plan only for a few hours and possibly a meal.

3) Make sure there are other things to do nearby.

Wildwood is perfect if the drive isn't too long as the boardwalk has everything including beaches and movies.

I used to try to force people into going to parks and waterparks, but when that happened, nobody ended up having a great time.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

I am selfish when I go alone Richie. I consider it a "me" day.

My band mates, their families, and I are going to KI sometime in October. Everyone is excited about it, but just one guy is going to ride big coasters with me. The rest are just going to hang out with the kids. It's an annual thing for them, and it's the first year I'm going with them since we didn't know each other last year.

First of all, I don't "owe" anyone here an explanation of why I sometimes (and my original post that started all this bulls**t did say "sometimes") like to go to parks alone. It was a tongue in cheek list of things that have happened and bothered me over many years of going to parks with other people.

Truth is, I'm the only person in my immediate circle who is so passionate about going to parks. My friends and relatives are casual at best, going once or twice a year. So because none of them want to go when I do, I should sit home and watch a Law and Order marathon on TV?

My friends have other interests that I share in somewhat, but not to the degree they do. Some friends of mine will go to any event or concert dealing with the Beatles or any imitators. I'll go occasionally, but I'm not into it like they are, and that's cool. I'm sure they feel the same way about me and parks. They'll go to KG once or twice and HP maybe once every 3 years and that's it for them.

When we go together we have fun, but there are times they'd rather do something else. I don't personally know anyone who'd be interested in the 3 day trip I took to Altoona, West Mifflin and Ligonier. Does this mean I should stay at home from now on?

My neighbor collects and restores antique fire engines. Is he anti-social because he spends entire weekends in a garage washing and waxing an old truck?

Much of my life is already structured and based around appointments, meetings, and deadlines. I appreciate having a day to myself doing what I want and when I want. I could be a total jerk and bring other people along and insist they ride the rides I want, eat where I want, and make myself feel more important.

I won't go into the webmaster's amateur psychoanalysis, or persistent double standards when posting, for now at least. That may change.

I'm not a kid anymore. Many days when I read the paper I see obituaries for people my age or younger (none of whom died at amusement parks, btw). I have peers with Lyme disease, MS, joint replacements. Some have those conditions they post on signs outside rides and recommend you don't ride if you have any of them.

An older relative of mine told me years ago to keep going as long as I'm able, because someday I might not be able to. When I am stuck at home, would I rather be regretting all the things I didn't get to do because there wasn't a group around to go with, or remembering the good times I had whether spent with someone else or alone?

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Either my life is incredibly simple or I'm too stupid to know that it's not.

Probably a little from column A and a little from column B. ;)

My band mates, their families, and I are going to KI sometime in October.

Oh, you have to let me know when. If for nothing more than the chance to snag a picture of Dex and Gonch together. ;)

^^ There you go again Joe, making way too much sense. I have nothing at all to add to that- what could I add to it?- so I'll just sit here and nod in total agreement.
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wow, after reading this post i think i might just go to DP today (alone)and jump off of the ferris wheel...
Ride what I want, when I want, as many times as I for me.

And the single rider policy makes it hard to do that.

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