Dorney -- 3 hours of fun (10/6)

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I have actually heard a few people say that the Morgan hypercoasters don't have that much airtime......Except for Steel Eel which has so many moments of great floating sensations! I was out of my seat the entire ride! Anyways, I'm not sure what it is, but the bigger ones dont have as much airtime.....At least that's what I heard!

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1.) Millennium Force 2.) Superman: Krypton Coaster 3.) Steel Eel 4.) Raptor 5.) Mantis

Phantom's Revenge is an airtime monster, we are talking insane ejector air, so I was expecting the same (or at least close) from Steel Force and was really disappointed. I think the weather had a little to do with it though. We sat in the ejector seat first and nada. So we moved to the back for our second ride and while it was nothing compared to PR, or even Magnum for that matter, there was a little floater air. On a warm summer day, things might be a little different.
Nope lori, no different. Steel Force is just an all around yawner. Okay, it's not that bad, but it is really tame. FAR more tame than any of the B&M hypers and not even in the same universe as Phantom's Revenge (which I think is even more vicious than S:ROS SFA/DL)

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Gee, "T" liked Lightning Racer, huh? Surprise, surprise ;)

Jeremy made an excellent point about how people will complain about roughness on coasters, but then rave about violent bumper cars. I'll even admit I'm guilty of that, but there's a reason. See, I love "violent" coasters -- Phantom's Revenge is my number one coaster, anywhere. I love Legend, Raven, CI Cyclone. All of them are "physically demanding", as Jeremy aptly put it. However, on coasters like Hercules, it's not the intentional violence (airtime, laterals) that I hate, it's the jackhammer-to-the-kidneys effect that comes from poor, uneven trackwork/wheels/what have you. And on Sunday, that was about ALL I was able to notice about Hercules.

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The back seat on Hercules is a double-sided sword because it is the only seat that delivers air but at the same time the back seat hits the turn over the lake the hardest, so its give or take there. I always opt for the back.
Oh............I forgot about Phantom's Revenge!

Superman: Krypton Coaster----Just Ride It

1.) Millennium Force 2.) Superman: Krypton Coaster 3.) Steel Eel 4.) Raptor 5.) Mantis

ERT on Rolling Thunder? The insanity you say! By the way, if I have my history correct, Hercules and Rattler were in competition for the longest drop on a wooden coaster, and they both stink!
Dude, you're getting an Intamin!
herc is rough! I am not a whiner about rough coasters and i do enjoy being tossled around. To me rolling thunder is not that rough of a ride. Meanstreak is vibratey but it does not really hurt. Hercules however is a disgrace. You can see the trains bashing from side to side in places and there is NO airtime. I go to dorney alot and not once has it been tolerable or has it had air. My friend came off bleeding, I came off with bruises that i got through PADDING! Viper at sfgadv is smoother then that horrid piece of junk. It is rougher and more unpleasant then any slc i have riden and i have riden a bunch of em.It is my least favorite coaster because of brakes pain and lack of doing anything. It is unrelentless and even the imune to pain uncle i have got of moaning. It is easily the worst wooden coaster ever constructed.
arlok, quite a unique comment you have made. I don't think Iv ever heard anyone make a comment like that before, really! Want to add something that that will spark an interesting and unique topic worth talking about?

just when i think I AM the only massochist enthusiast on the market, i find yet another inspiring, tear jerking response by The Hostyl One :-D i, too, adore many "rough" rides (cant understand how any enthusiast could get off Legend without being in tears of joy), and im just proud to death of it. see, when i board a woodie, i know its gonna slam me around, and to be honest, a nice POP back into your seat after a drop shows that it was packin some nice floater airtime....anyways, just wanted to back up some of Jeremy's responses. people dont give some woodies enough credit...appreciate it for what it is :-D

Tim (who just went off on a tangent cause hes really tired, so back off dang it)

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Legend...who would have thought that a tree could be turned into such madness :-D

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