Don't Drink The Water! SFGAm 7/31

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Ok today was a day to pay our respects to the Whizzer which all know is closing soon. We arrived at the park around 9:40 and a huge crowd was already lined up under the train bridge that leads into Hometown Square. My friend just had some surgery so we didn't even attempt a run for Deja Vu instead we went right to the whizzer. Also something really cool about whizzer was going on that day. They had it in 3 train operation! This was the first time i've seen them do that in years! As we were doing this some jerk pushed me into this thorn bush without even thinking! Some people just Piss me off. Anyway we went to whizzer where they have this huge banner that tells everyone about it's closing. After that we went to the Giant Drop then Raging bull. Americain Eagle Backwards is a lot of fun except at one point where if you are riding on the side of the train closest to the air gates at the end of the Helix you get slammed into the dumb black fins on the side of the train. After that we went to Batman. This is where I saw the most disgusting thing ever! In line for batman we were looking at the little pinneaple fountain when this girl takes her shirt and dips it into the water to drench herself. That wasn't to bad but then everyone started doing it! Then some guy even drank the water that looked to be a hazzey teal color I thought I was going to vomit. while we were in line for batman it brokedown for ten minutes but that wasn't anything big. Anyway when we were at the park it was as crowded as all get out! It was almost like a Saturday everything had a long wait even shockwave. So after Batman we rode shockwave and saw that Magic Quest thing at the Theater Royale. It was pretty good it's ok to check out there are some cool tricks and It's AIR CONDITIONED! After that we got lunch from outside the park and when we came back we noticed that the park had set up new Re-entry sites at the park. After all that we went to Raging bull where the Hicks in front of us in line were smoking and having water fights drenching everyone in line at night so it was pretty uncomfortable. We also rode Viper in 1.3 which is ok for some Air time but I like the back alot more. Demon was next and it was painful! We rode Iorn Wolf at night and that is a GREAT NIGHT RIDE!!!!!! one of my favorites. At this time it was 9:30 so we thought we would get in Deja Vu's long line but when we got there it was Tiny! The saturday on wednesday was over and the park was empty. Also something I forgot to mention before, for us regulars we know that The Hometown Fun Machine only operates on Weekends only. But on Wednesday it WAS OPEN! This day was truly Saturday on Wednesday. But back to Deja Vu, My friend and I had already told his dad to pick us up at 11:00 p.m. because we figured that was when Deja Vu's line would be done. We were wrong. We got in line at 9:24 and the wait was TINY! we were in the station by 10:15 so we tried to kill time by waiting for the Front Row! But even that had no wait it was unbelievable. So we rode 1.a which is fun but not nearly as good as 1.b or 8.b. So that was our day at Six Flags Great America. We'll be going back on the 11th to ride whizzer all day long and say goodbye to that fun ride.

Have you ever been to SFGAm and seen Deja Vu closed? If you have then go again and it WILL BE DEJA VU!

Sorry I couldn't hear you, The voices in my head are drowning you out.

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Whoa....that bit with the water is messed up. Someone must have dared that dumb guy to take a drink but there are some things humans just shouldn't do. Good to hear the day went okay though except for that part with the thorn bush. I laughed when I read that, sorry.

My experience with the Whizzer is similar to that of the Magnum -- yeah, it's good, but worth all the hype? It does suck that they're taking it out, but let's wait and see what replaces it...

PLEASE READ: This post wasn't meant to offend or anger anyone; I apologize in advance if it does. So please don't post a reply just to rant about it. :)

Whizzer isn't all that hyped up, everyone acknowledges it as a great family ride, that is all.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Dude, break it into huge block of text like that is hard to read....

Goodbye Whizzer, dear friend. You set me rolling many years ago into this fun hobby...

RIP Whizzer: 1976 - 2002

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It would be nice if you could give some wait estimates. I know "long" or "tiny" waits are all relative.

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I've drank that blue colored water they put in fountains. I was thirsty and asked one of the employees if it was safe and they were like yes. It wasn't too bad.

Mamba;The inspiration for SD2K. It doesnt get much better than that. Come to the Midwest;and ride the most underrated coaster in the U.S.

What do you mean by 1."b"?

First car, inside seat?

On Deja Vu the rows are named 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b. The a rows are on the inside while the b rows are on the outside.

WHY WOULD YOU DRINK THE WATER!?!?!?!?!?! If you are thirsty you can just got to a snack place and order water for free. Or go to a drinking fountain instead of drinking that stuff! Man I hope you don't catch Dipheria from that.

Have you ever been to SFGAm and seen Deja Vu closed? If you have then go again and it WILL BE DEJA VU!

Sorry I couldn't hear you, The voices in my head are drowning you out.

SFGAm Man, OMG! The same thing went on when I was there. People where drenching others in that fountain, it was gross as hell. I couldn't stand it. And the smell!:(

Nasty A$$ ppl. lol

Farewell To Willards Whizzer- May 29th 1976-August 11th 2002.
Thanks for giving us a great 26 Seasons!

SFGAm Man said:
Also something really cool about whizzer was going on that day. They had it in 3 train operation! This was the first time i've seen them do that in years!

Are you sure about that? Can anyone else confirm that the Whizzer is running three trains?

I only ask because it would be very strange that the park would let the third train sit in pieces the entire season only to assemble and run it weeks before the ride is supposed to close. If it IS true, perhaps the park is preparing the ride for life after SFGAM.... hmmmm


Yes, it is running 3 trains right now. They have had the 3rd train sitting on the transfer track(fully complete) for awhile now. Since they announced that the ride would be closing, I am assuming they put the 3rd train in operation to accomodate the crowds.

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Whizzer ran 3 trains yesterday, very efficiently I might add.

And that Batman fountain--every time I go the thing is full of lemons so maybe it tasted like lemonade. :)

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