Dominator Hourly Capacity?

The Geauga Lake website states Dominator as being capable of handling only 525 an hour. This seems extremely low for this ride. Is that really the right number?
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Actualy it seems about right. Because they are usualy rolling out a train as one is coming into the station. So for mathmatical purposes, lets assume that as soon as one train cycle ends, another is begining.

2m42s per cycle divided into 60 minutes = 22.22 trains per hour times 24 riders per train = 533 riders per hour.

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Read it again... it says 525 people per hour/per train. That thing could eat people if the crowds were large enough.

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Oh it's easily 7-800 a hour with two trains, With three it'd eat people at about 1200. But they never purchsed a third train opting to wait to see if it was necessary
Um, last time I checked Dominator has 3 trains. Always has. *** Edited 11/22/2006 3:10:50 PM UTC by loriu***

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Indeed. I don't think anyone has seen it run with all three in a very long time, but they've been there from the start.

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While that first train should yield *about* 525, and the second one somewhat less (occasional stacking, etc., prob. sets the number at *about* 1K/hour), a third train, from my experience, doesn't usually increase capacity nearly as much for MOST rides...
K, thanks Lori, I was under the impression it only had two. I know SFKK only purchased two for Chang but built it to run and handle three.
Just because SFKK did something doesn't mean that applies to every other park in the country, c'mon now...
Dominator runs two train operation at all times. The only time we run three trains is on some Saturdays & Special Events Days (Cleveland Clinic Days, Progressive Day, etc...) *** Edited 11/22/2006 7:46:14 PM UTC by crombiedude11***

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Do people actually lose sleep over this?
People do come up to Dominator and try to calculate it so I guess so lol. :)

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PhantomTails said:
Just because SFKK did something doesn't mean that applies to every other park in the country, c'mon now...

I never said they did, I said since I've never seen three on Dominator, I didn't think they had three. Of course I never seen three on Villain either but knew they had a third.

Yeah, It does appear people loose sleep over this stuff, It's not me :)


I saw three train operation on Dominator and Villain this year. I even thought I saw three train operation on Steel Venom. Turned out to be some bad Subway I ate. ;)
Must have been bad somthing else for Villain too. It has never run three trains. They had a third that was basically for backup purposes. It is now on Bobs along with Legend's original G Train.

Only 2 trains on Villain

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While designed for three, Villain never had its mid-course block installed, so it can't run three.

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Ah good. I thought I was the only one who didn't see a brake on the block section of Villain.

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Just two things really quick... Dominator takes 32 riders a train, not 24 as mentioned above and also, Dominator is amazing to see with three trains. When Geauga Lake re-opened under Cedar Fair in 2004, trains were being cranked out of the station. I remember making that turn to the lift and seeing trains coming off the midcourse. I'm sure that the ridership on Dominator will increase significantly seeing as the other side of the park is being thinned out.
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^ I rememeber that too, with all three trains operating, and Bill Sphen running GL, that ride just cranked people through. It barley stacked when I saw it.

Of course, when Cedar Fair took GL over, they had an incredible amount of employees on each ride.

It's not like that now, but it's still better than the Six Flags days.

I guess my last visit was too close to CF taking over, but on the day I was there, there were 3 trains on Dominator, and two on everything else (that could handle two trains). And, that being said, everything was a walk on or a 1 - 2 train wait.

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