Dollywood's Splash Country will use Q-band for water park virtual queueing

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[Ed. note: The following is an excerpt of a press release. -J]

Lo-Q has announced that the company's virtual queuing solution for water parks, Q-band, is coming to the Smoky Mountains. At the start of the 2013 season Dollywood's Splash Country will be offering its guests Q-band, a revolutionary waterproof RFID wrist band that allows guests to queue virtually for their favorite slides without having to actually wait in line, allowing them more time to enjoy the park and less time waiting in line.

Read the entire press release on Marketwatch.

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I still don't see how something like this works in a water park setting where there's such low capacity. It'll be interesting to see how it's fully implemented.

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My thoughts exactly. Lines for waterslides are sometimes ridiculous as it is. Putting Lo-Q's linecutter pass in a waterpark setting will amplify everything I do not like about it in the first place. Ironically, I will feel forced to buy it if it is busy enough for it to be used. This use might display the negative impact of Lo-Q's product more easily. I know not a lot of people understand me on this.

Although I could be wrong, and less people might be willing to purchase Lo-Q's product for a waterpark visit. If that was the case, then it might not impact the "stand by" wait times too much.

^I've never been to Dollywood's Splash Country, but if the service in Dollywood is a any indication, they will be moving the queues nearly as fast as possible.

You can also go to Holidayworld's Splashin' Safari where they continue to add the highest capacity slides available, every year. I know it gets crowded, but... they don't have a paid virtual queue option. Just go to HoliWood Nights and you can have exclusive water park time :)

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I probably just visit all these parks and waterparks at the wrong times. Almost every time I go to a park, it's really busy.

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GayCoasterGuy said:
Just go to HoliWood Nights and you can have exclusive water park time :)

Only if you skip the after-parties...which I don't recommend...or skip sleep (which I am sadly getting too old for)...

^I go to the before-party. I'm too tired for anything after all that ERT. Not just regular ERT, but ERT on 3 of the wildest rides in the world.

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