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I will try and give my general thoughts so as to not make this a ghastly long trip report. It was the first time visiting all these parks for me.

Dollywood-Rainy when getting to the park. I had bought a Q2Q earlier and went up to the kiosk. The lady was super nice and said you can use this tomorrow since your tickets are good for two visits. Can you imagine six flags trying to do this with a Q-bot....Anyway rain stopped and it was a fun day

Rides-Wild Eagle was smooth as silk. Although when riding it at night the three different camera spots blinded me pretty good/Thunderhead had the best air out of all the GCI's I have been on so far/ And the train was really cool. Mystery mine was a little bumpy on the first drop but great themes throughout.

Operations-Excellent. Reminded me almost of a country disney world in a weird sense. People always willing to ask you if you needed help with anything and the coasters were loaded fairly quick with all of their trains operating.

Bummers-none really. Just the rain had me guessing when I got to the park

Random moment-Seeing the roller coaster museum and finding a model of the phoenix and a knoebels license plate among the displays

SFOG-Forecast called for thunderstorms for the afternoon. I got to the park for opening and did not have to pay for parking. The hotel I was staying at offered a free shuttle to and from the park (it was the days inn at six flags)

Operations-they tried to look excited to be there. But they were not that great. On GASM they were literally having a long conversation before checking and dispatching the train I was on.

Rides-Goliath was fun. Did not expect that many camel humps on the ride. Minderbender is a gem in itself. Was the only coaster I rode twice. The skybuckets and log flume were fun. Monster mansion was a little on the interesting side

Bummers-It did rain (thankfully after I got all the flats and coasters in) And then it stopped. The park still kept the rides closed after the rain had stopped for a good 20-30mins. Only rides running were bumper cars and the train. Would have liked some re-rides but had to squeeze in the Georgia Aquarium so my time did not allow for it

A-HA moment. I did not know mindbender had an ACE plaque (I take pics of all of them I run into)

Carowinds-Man more threat of thunderstorms...severe storms they were calling for late in the afternoon. I am noticing a theme here. Anyway got to the park an hour after opening with fast lane in hand.

Rides-Intimadator had the best ride in the last row out of any B&M hyper I have been on. I rode in 5x that day. Windseeker did not get stuck =) and it was fun. Afterburn was really cool. Almost gives talon a run for its money. The skytower offered great views of the park and downtown Charlotte skyline.

A-HA moment-My friend from high school who I haven't seen in almost 10 years joined me at the park. We had a great time catching up and riding the coasters. Pleasantly surprised that the park had fireworks that evening so that was a great way to end my last park visit.

Bummers-My platinum pass did not work for parking or admission. I lost my debit card and was on a pass pay plan through dorney. Slipped my mind to switch my new number over in the payment portal. Had to pay for parking and admission, but my own dumb fault. And the Cedar Fair ride snow globes I collect....park did not have any. So I was bummed about that but no biggie. Only the NC side of Thunder Road was running. Would have liked to see it racing but it was like that all day

Operations were great. A kind lady by the name of Dottie walked me to a few places in search for this snow globe. I later sent an email to the park praising her efforts. Very great overall. Quick dispatches for the most part

Random-Went to MB and hit up swamp fox. Great little wooden coaster and a very nice small park. Only had time to ride that ride because you guessed it. It started to rain 10 mins after I got off the ride. Sheesh.

Sky's the limit.

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I really dig it when guests send compliments to the park. I bet they receive 10x more complaints than compliments.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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That's true in any type of customer service environment. When I was in tech support my manager would receive far more escalations from my customers than emails containing praise.

Come to think of it, maybe I just sucked.

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Nice TR, Kingdacore.

If I have something negative to tell a park, I always follow it up with something positive, if I can. Most of the time, I tell the parks about the good stuff.

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I always try to send nice emails to whomever. I know I stopped at Myrtle Beach and this waiter at Friendly's was just sent an email to them also. I could not imagine all the negative email's some parks get. @Lost That is a great idea to always pop in a ball of nice-ness

Sky's the limit.

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