Dollywood, Weekend Weather Heads Up...

Coaster Fans, If you have plans to go to Dollywood this weekend, they are predicting cold temps and snow for the weekend. Saturday looks slightly warmer, but rain is predicted. Sunday there is a chance for snow and the high around 38, so the rides and coasters may not be in operation.

Just a heads up! :)

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The last couple of Decembers have been pretty decent in Pigeon Forge for the most part. I went down there last year this time and it was very warm. It was funny watching people ski and snowboard in 70 degree weather at Ober Gatlinburg. ;)

It is kind of exhilirating to ride the coasters when it's cold, though. Well, I mean "brisky." ;) I think my limit is at least 50 degrees. ;) It depends.


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Dont know what this weekend will bring but that FIRE at the top of Mystery Mine was a great hand warmer :)
I live in Cookeville which is maybe an hour and a half away from Dollywood and its gotten really cold here already so knowing how the weather is in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg I would not be suprised at all if it snows... and if it does I would say it will be a lot. But then again they say the weather is unpredictable... *** Edited 12/12/2007 9:41:38 PM UTC by E_Tapley0687***
Is Dollywood open year round?


They close after the holidays.
...and opens back up in mid March. It's a short off it!

It's still freakishly warm here in Knoxville and will be for another day or so, but those weather people are still calling for accumulations in the mountains with saturday's rain changing over to snow early sunday morning, but that's still a long ways out.

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The best thing about DW in December is 90% of the people visit just for the Christmas fanfare. The coasters are mostly walk-on, at least from my experiences. :)

The park has always been PACKED, though. :)


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