Dollywood says woman that fell from train reacted to beverage spill

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A Dollywood spokesman said a woman fell from a moving steam train car halfway through its five mile loop around the park Wednesday. She apparently reacted to a beverage spill, lost her balance and fell out of the train. She was released from the hospital.

Read more from WATE/Knoxville.

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One thing that would help prevent a problem like this would be to not allow people to bring food or drinks onto the train. I know at PKI, you have to finish eating and drinking before you board the train.

-I am glad to hear that the woman is doing alright.

That is the samething at Cedar Point. Except you can bring on those souvenir bottles that you can get refilled. I know they do that for safety and to prevent things from happening just like at Dollywood.
Or we could just stop stupid people from breeding. On second thought, I guess your solution is the only one that will work.
We had to wait at least a good 20 mins for the Dollywood Express to load/unload 2 weekends ago. They were selling popcorn. I don't remember if drinks were being sold...Raptor Pilot probably remembers better than I. I'd be all for the "No food or drinks" rule as it would definitely speed up the load and unload of the train.
You can have signs saying No Food or Drink allowed, but people will always find a way to sneak something on. Even the best ride ops who check for such items can be fooled once the train is in full motion.
Will such a rule stop "stupid guests?" Absolutely Not. The majority of the guests at ANY PARK leave any common sense that they had in the parking lot of the park and fail to take it with them, when they enter the park gates.


Rode the train on Saturday and from what I could tell, no really big operational changes have been made. (I really don't think any changes should be made, considering the train's safety record up until now)
#70 'Cinderella' was running VERY sluggish on Friday.

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