Dollywood part 2

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alright with the stupid misspelled word argument,
I'm sorry for misspelling a word, besides whats a misspelled word going to do? smack you upside the head ah NO! Anyway you may not relize I live 20-30 minutes away from dollywood and see alot of the park every season. About the park I saw two gravel roads going up past both sides of the Thunderhead and put a little common since to mind,and thought to myself if they could build bigger rides one year and build SMALLER rides another,than next seasons new ride will be ab Bigger one!
*whack upside the head* Just stop it, please? First time's amusing, second time's annoying.
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What Impulse-ive said. :)

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Inn beefour clothes ;)
I don't think I could include so many grammatical errors if I tried.

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