Dollywood on Memorial Day weekend?

So my family and I were planning on going to Dollywood for my birthday on the 24th. Unfortunately that happens to be memorial day weekend and I was wondering what crowds would be like? We are gonna try to go on Friday the 23rd but will go on Saturday if we have to.

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This isn't going to end well.

We never know what crowds will be like. No one ever really does, short of a company picnic.

Yeah, it is really kind of a crapshoot. I went to Kings Dominion on Memorial Day weekend and it was a nightmare.

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My general experience of federal holidays is they're usually busy but not crowded. But the individual park, weather, school schedule, and a million other things can affect that.

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Hmmm, might be a go and hope for the best situation. Does Dollywood offer any kind of fast pass?

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Yes, and apparently it's very, very cheap.

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It's around $15 per person, and includes priority seating for the shows. It is Q-Bot brand line-cutting. When you enter the park, go right, and then take the first right after that. It's near the new country music show featuring Dolly's cousins where the old 4-D theater used to be.

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We will be there that weekend as well... I guess they also have some event going on which includes ERT and other stuff we may do. Looking forward to it! Have not been since the year Mystery Mine was built. Looking forward to Wild Eagle and the new ride (along with many many thunderhead rides <3 )

Thanks everyone! I haven't been there in 10 years and have never been on any of the coasters. I am very excited about the trip and will definitely be getting the Q-Bot pass.

SteveWoA, I heard about the event too and I am very hopeful to meet some other enthusiasts!

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