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Thought I would post that Dollywood will be permanently closing the old Dollywood Lane entrance to its parking lot on November 10th. After that date all traffic will enter the parking lot throught the Veterans Boulevard entrance, which was recently expanded.

Dollywood has a map and more info here.

Could this mean possible park expansion in that direction using the old road and land across from it somday?
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From the wording, it may just be a temporary thing for the Christmas season.

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Ahhh, interesting. Dollywood Lane can get pretty packed, even if it's NOT Christmas.


Also, the theme park parking lot has been expanded further out as well and will be serviced by the trams. It was almost finished a couple of weeks ago, so it should be opening soon, if not already. It was desperately needed.

This year the new parking lot entrance was re-worked so that cars will no longer queue up onto McCarter Hollow road, causing long lines to form on the road, which creates a problem for locals that live in the area. Now, when you pull into the new entrance, you turn to the left and go about 6-700 yards to the toll booths, then loop around to the right towards the C,B & A lots. I think it makes more sense to eliminate the 'front' guest entrance because they fill up the lot from the A-section and work towards filling the lots to the back, like most parks do - so its easier when you have traffic coming from one direction. Not to mention the access roads to the 'front' entrance are only two lane roads and are not ideal. Anyhoo, the other component of this is the near-completion of Veterans Blvd, which is a 6-lane highway leading to the 'new entrance'. This road has been under construction for Eeons, and will be finished soon. Lots of long-term planning finally coming together. When Everything is completed, it will be much easier to enter and exit the park.

There's a lot happening at Dollywood in the off season with the River Battle being constructed, as well as the completion of the loop from Timber Canyon that will connect at Craftsman Valley at the exit of Tennessee Tornado. Expect to see the continuation of adding major rides and amenities in the years to come. *** Edited 8/27/2007 8:15:25 PM UTC by coasterfreaky***

Veterans Blvd is now open from Sevierville all the way down to where it turns into Dollywood Lane, and meets the main drag at Light 8 in Pigeon Forge. Much more pleasant than the Parkway.

If you take a ride on the train, you can also see some of the land prep being done for the new attraction and/or pathway out behind Mystery Mine.

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