Dollywood: Friday, September 12

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After a wonderful Breakfast at Shoney's, Me and my family headed out to the park at around 9am. We walked in with my Season Pass, and went on to the Rivertown Area. The Chains to the rest of the park had not yet been dropped, so we waited around and browsed through some of the shops in the area. Here, SDC's hard work to create a natural atmoshere is eveident, as there are trees left and right, growing out of the Walkways. We also noticed that most of the Christmas Lights are already up, so there practicaly ready for the Holidays already. At 10, they dropped the chains and we walked to the rides.

Our first stop was Blazing Fury. I noticed that almost all of the effects were working, and that they were running all three trains despite that hardly anyone was there. While I feel that this ride has been slowed down somewhat, it is still fun.

We rode T. Tornado next, and found it more bumpy than normal. There was nobody in the que, so I managed to get a few rides in the front and the back without changing seats.

After that, the day went by fast. We rode most of the rides, like the Dollywood Express, the River Rampage, and Daredevil Falls. We also show the new Buddy Baxter 50's show, and I must say that "Let The Good Times Roll" was better.

Overall, it was a gret trip, and Dollywood should not be missed by anyone in the area.

"The Mountain Slidewinder. Voted The #1 Non-Rollercoaster Ride in America Amusement Business Magazine, 1991"

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