Dollywood announces Slick Rock Racer for 2010

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[Ed. note: The following is an unedited press release. -J]

Dollywood’s Splash Country, the Smoky Mountains’ premier outdoor water adventure park, announces the addition of Slick Rock Racer, a multi-lane mat slide for the 2010 season.

“Me and my brothers and sisters used to play in the creeks around home in the Smoky Mountains, and more times than not, we’d land on a mossy covered rock that sent us for a ride like you wouldn’t believe,” Dolly Parton said. “That’s the same kind of unexpected thrills and adventure that I had in mind when I chose Slick Rock Racer for families to enjoy together at Dollywood’s Splash Country.”

Slick Rock Racer spans 300 feet and features four water-drenched lanes, each side by side. Positioned belly down on mats, each rider travels head first on a channel which includes an initial dip to build speed. Multiple bumps along the length of the slide allow riders to gain additional momentum which propels them to the finish. The new attraction can accommodate approximately 600 guests an hour.

Slick Rock Racer joins Dollywood’s Splash Country’s more than 30 water adventure slides including The Butterfly, Mountain Scream, Mountain Twist, and the 70-foot-tall Fire Tower Falls®, the state’s tallest twin speed slides.

Marking its tenth year of operation in 2010, Dollywood’s Splash Country is a 35-acre water adventure park located adjacent to Dollywood theme park. Situated in a one-of-a-kind wooded mountain setting, Dollywood’s Splash Country operates from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The park twice has been recognized by the Travel Channel as one of the country’s top ten water parks. In 2001, Dollywood’s Splash Country was named the World Waterpark Association’s Best New Water Park in America. For more information, visit

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Good Choice! These kind of slides are my favorite, because 1 you get to race and 2 you can get some major air!

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Great slide, but just 4 lanes? DollyWood needs to visit HolIWood. ;)

AV Matt
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Considering the area I'd be thankful they didn't just get what they're used to: two lanes!

Two lanes with 100 stop lights.

I always love to read Dolly's comments about the new attractions. Love ya, Dolly, but I think you had less to do with it than you'd like us to believe!

Particularly that particular attraction, if you think about it.............

Face-down, head first? Think about it...

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HAHA! Well so far the only rides I have ever seen Dolly on have been the Dollywood Express and the Downbound Float Trip. She has said many times about riding the coasters that she could never as she would "Black both her eyes!" Love both the parks, and glad to see continued development.

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

Speaking of Dolly, (and slightly off-topic), but it seems she, and not President Obama, will attend the re-dedication of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in September for it's 75th anniversary.

I can't think of a better contemporary representative.

I have never been on one of those things, but I would love to see some of my local waterparks get an 8 lane people eater.

Hurricane Harbor (Great Adventure) is a decenr waterpark, but they haven't added ANYTHING since it first opened. Splish Splash has the land. If they theme it like Top Thrill Dragster and add effects, (Lane timer, winner light, etc) it could be spectacular!

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Multiple bumps along the length of the slide allow riders to gain additional momentum which propels them to the finish.

Since this is Dollywood, instead of the slide having multiple bumps along its length, maybe there will just be two very large bumps from which you gain momentum as you slide on down. ;)

I have mixed feelings about these rides. I love the race, the head first speed, and the air. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but the deeper water and chopping effect during the run out tends to cause issues with my grown up pair of male parts. Not bad but just enough to deter me from sliding on these.

^That happens to me sometimes too, its seems to only happen when for some reason I start ricocheting from side to side on the slide. It never happens when I end up going straight, so I guess thats the secret.

Another secret about those slides is once you hit the straightaway sections lift up the front of your mat, and you will really pick up speed an even start getting a little air time on your way down.

^I never noticed any side to side, but I do generally do a hard push off to get some speed so this could be my problem. I also enjoy the lifting up on the mat for air time, but it's that skipping across the water that seems to do my boys in. I'll give it a shot next time, thanks!

I tend to bunch up my knees a little bit on the runout to lift the "sensitive parts" up a bit. That seems to help.

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The last few post are extremely homoerotic, imho. :)

I've been on some slides that provide airtime, but not this kind. Sound like fun.

Haha they are fun, but a little bend in the knee prevents the smashing of naughty bits.

Duuuude! I've been wanting to ride one of these since I went to Action Park in the '80s (and yes, I survived). Unfortunately their's was closed both visits I made... I can't wait!

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