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I was at Dollywood last week, and we took a ride on the train during the day. As you go up the hill, there is a massive land clearing that they've created, on the hillside above/behind Thunderhead. The train conductor said that Dolly promised them their "largest gift ever" in 2019, so it sounds like something big is coming. Screamscape made a decent effort at trying to mark off the amount of land that is cleared, but I'm very anxious to see what's going on down there.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

It’s so wonderful Dollywood has so much room to grow. You gotta love a park with huge tracts of land...

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Especially when that park is one of the most beautiful, well themed parks outside of Disney/Universal and still manages to have a killer coaster lineup.

The best of all the jokers is clearly Mark Hamill.

As much as I love Dollywood and how awesome it is, out of the two I still prefer Silver Dollar City. Over time DW’s coaster collection has generally surpassed that of SDC’s (there is a unique Mack coming that may put them back in the game, however), but the Missouri park is a notch above in themeing, atmosphere, and shopping, and the scenery is even more spectacular. And there’s a cave.
But the growth that DW has shown lately is phenomenal. The planning department and management there clearly isn’t afraid to add new rides at a brisk place. That park also seems rather fluid, for lack of a better term. We’ve seen attractions that may not even be all that old or worn out removed because some genius is allowed to proceed with their vision of something better (and needed) in their places.

Would agree with RCMAC in regards to DW with one small exception. I haven't been following "the Venue" news sufficiently, but the removal of splash battle seems a bit odd. That ride seemed to be incredibly popular (and aren't known to be maintenance disasters), and a good placement along that hill from Thunderhead to the Wild Eagle.

Yes, that one’s a bit of a head scratcher. It was well done and represented an investment, for sure. But there’s a need for a multi-purpose venue on that side of the park. SDC has a similar space that works for art exhibits, entertainment, holiday food courts and stuff like that, and this new place will be similar I reckon.
It’s kind of the same as the climbing course, which was also a shocker. But truth told, attractions like that might have a limited audience. I spend time at DW either early in the season or late. Or both. Many times the weather wasn’t right for climbing or for a splash battle, either. DW has great water rides, but they all have a shorter season. During my visits I might find one open and operating if that. At any rate, the way Firechaser turned out made me forget all about the course.
Maybe the boats will find a new home somewhere like Stone Mountain. Or maybe they’ll make a return to DW someday, but it doesn’t seem so.

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Dollywood's cinnamon bread is better than SDC's.


SDC’s apple butter is faaaaar superior. Peanut brittle, Fool’s Gold....
sorry, you got nothing.


Totally agree with the your thoughts on River Battle. DW continues to expand their season, (Harvest-Xmas) where water rides are less than ideal options, so I can totally understand the viability of the Venue. Looking back I realize that River Battle lasted for 10 seasons, I somehow thought it was much newer than that.

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Some of the recent land clearing additions at Dollywood have taken away from the mystic of the park. For example, when they built the premium parking lot above the park, in plain view from the pathway leading to Timber Canyon and from the train ride as well.

I haven't been to Dollywood in 2 years, but last time I was there, there was some unappealing land clearing on the train ride, approximately between the ride and Thunderhead. Is this the same tract of land? I think they were using it as a boneyard for some of the climbing trail stuff that was removed at that time. Hopefully its this ugly piece of land that they are going to do something with.

Before that parking lot and the cabins that are visible from the park, when one entered Dollywood, one felt totally immersed in the park.

The park is solid on coasters. They are lacking in flat rides and total family rides (they have the train, and a carrousel and maybe the ferris wheel could be counted and that's it). If they do use that piece of land for another coaster, they should wisely use the terrain and produce something that cannot be duplicated.

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super7* said:

Some of the recent land clearing additions at Dollywood have taken away from the mystic of the park.

Mystic of the park? I kinda want that job...sounds like fun. Although I guess if clearing land negatively affects your abilities, maybe not. Do all parks employ a mystic? I wonder if they get paid a living wage...

Flying Elephants, Busy Bees, Dizzy Disk, Demolition Derby, Lemon Twist, Lucky Ducky, Lumberjack Lifts, Piggy Parade, Rockin Roadway, Scrambler, Shooting Star, Sky Rider, Waltzing Swinger, Wonder Wheel. Carousel and Train.
Barnstormer and Drop Line for high-thrill seekers. Three big water rides. Two kid’s play areas. Three coasters for families. Two museums.

This fairly decent list is from the website, but these flats and family attractions are also revealed in a tour of the park. Unless a visitor is completely coaster-focused, or the lack of a mystic is blinding.

Dollywood’s parking situation is one of the most convenient, practical, and least offensive to the eye of any theme park I’ve been to, and the latest drive-in entrance reconfiguration is soooo much better. Ya gotta have it when you host tens of thousands of patrons a day. With a waterpark and a hotel to jam in there as well, it’s a great solution. I didn’t care that that the preferred lot and the hotel shuttles could be seen over the fence. On the plus side, from that lot you get a great, unique view of Thunderhead. And every time I make my way to the gate either on foot or by tram I always marvel at the hills and mountains surrounding the place. It’s better than a cornfield or an interstate with motels and Denny’s clearly visible, which is what we get in the Midwest.

I think these days a park would have to live under a dome to keep up a completely immersive mystique. Even Disney and Uni have certain fails as far as that goes.

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RCMAC said:

Flying Elephants spinning ride

Busy Bees spinning ride

Dizzy Disk spinning ride

Demolition Derby includes sudden jolts

Lemon Twist spinning ride

Lucky Ducky spinning ride

Lumberjack Lifts this requires

Piggy Parade spinning ride

, Rockin Roadway, I missed that one.

Scrambler, spinning ride

Shooting Star, bouncing jerky ride

Sky Rider, spinning ride

Waltzing Swinger, spinning ride

Wonder Wheel. Carousel and Train. listed

By total family rides, I am talking about something that a family member that doesn't want to spin, jerk, etc can ride with the youngest of children. Together. Think Disney. Something the entire family can ride. Most regional theme parks lack these kinds of attractions in quantity. Dollywood has 4 if the ferris wheel is included.

So adventuresome in Vegas has the best scenery and mystique of any park? Duly noted ;-)

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.



a. of or relating to mysticism or mystics: mystic doctrines
b. deeply or mysteriously spiritual, mystical, mystic experiences

>>>>>>2. inspiring a sense of mystery or wonder: a painting of a mystic landscape.

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But misspelled. We think you were looking for mystique.

If you need the Disney experience, go to Disney. ‘Cause yeah, they do that best.
Most modern, regional theme parks concentrate on thrills and more dynamic attractions. Maybe sad for some, but not for most.
Anytime I’ve visited DW or SDC I see plenty of families and non-thrill seekers really enjoying the park. If anything, those two parks are better examples of “something for everyone” than most. They ain’t Disney, but they ain’t Six Flags, either, right? I’m of the opinion they’re wisely not trying to be either one.

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super7* said:



Indeed. But you used it as a noun. And yeah, I knew you meant mystique. I'm just playin.'

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Mystic is pronounced as Miss Tick. Like Mystic Timbers.

Mystique is pronounced as Miss Teek. Like the X Man character.

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RCMAC said:

I think these days a park would have to live under a dome to keep up a completely immersive mystique. Even Disney and Uni have certain fails as far as that goes.

The only thing completely immersive about the Adventuredome is the smell.

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