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I am not sure if I missed anything, but I can not seem to find a thread for the B&M coaster being constructed at Dollywood for the 2012 season. If there is one then please lock/delete this thread. :)

But if there is not, then lets play a little catch up!

There is confirmed B&M track on site, it is blue Sit-down style box track and tan supports.


Track: This is track in transport to Dollywood, the pictures were taken at a Kentucky rest area by friends of mine (who were returning from Holiwood Nights) who were told by the driver it was going to Dollywood, one day later this track was sited in a secluded staging area at Dollywood.

A shot of one of the track tags was also taken: Picture

A park official has also stated in an interview that this coaster would be the "the first of it's kind in the US."

With the given information I am in the "Dollywood is getting a B&M Wingrider group" because it fits the park statement, it is from B&M, and the track tag has "WI" in the part number. These letters have been "DM" for Sheikra and "MC" for both Diamondback and Intimidator.

What do you guys think?

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Neat. The photos don't look convincing but this along with the fact that Mystery Mine was broken when I was there last would get me back sooner than later. That and my desire to do some hiking in the Smokies!

It is definitely going to be a B&M, I just have not heard a definitive type. I'm hearing different than a wing rider, but not a normal sit-down, either. The person might just be misunderstanding the description of a wing rider, though. Wasn't it put out there that Raptor at Gardaland would not have the entire feature-set that future trains on wingrider coasters would have? That could explain what I have been told, if these trains have that "full set of features."

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Is it possible that you could have been the one who misunderstood, maXairMike. It would be awesome to get to ride the world's first true B&M 4-D coaster though.

It could be one of those smaller dive coasters too.

Or, it could just have some kind of feature that is new to the U.S. Maybe it's the first terrain-hugging invert, or the first B&M to reach a height of over 300 feet?

Or the first B&M kiddy coaster. lol

Given the label on the track, I would guess these are going to be the full-featured trains that would (supposedly) be appearing on wingriders after Raptor, and that any differences that were described making them think this is different than the wingrider are because of the difference in the trains (which, after all, is the biggest difference with B&Ms). So I guess it could be a "different" type of B&M if the trains are sufficiently different.

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Definitley quite a few pieces of blue B & M track on site. I was at the park Sunday and noticed it. If you take the Dollywood Express, halfway to the turnaround you can see a clearing down the mountain to the right side of the track .

I guess 2012 will have to be when I finally take my first trip down to Dollywood. :)

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I hope they have it running in time for the ACE convention.

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If I'm not mistaken B&M have different cross tie designs/shapes for the different ride styles. With this in mind it's not a dive coaster, an invert, or a flyer. That leaves a wingrider, hyper, and standup to be desired. I can't seem to find a good track picture of Raptor at Gardaland to compare the recent DW on-site track with..

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Try these

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How ever did you find those photos, Hammond? lol

I don't know how fun the B&M wingrider looks, but it does look interesting. If the seats spin, like rumored, it might be a little bit more interesting and fun.

When is the Dollywood 2012 announcement?

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None the less, it appears the the Dollywood track is very similar. The cross ties look a bit more rounded..

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