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I rarely post anything here, mostly lurk. This is still far and away the most informative site for anything theme parks. Just would like to know if anyone here has gone to Dollywood in the colder months of November/December and if its worth going (i. e. all the coasters are operating). Planning to go after Thanksgiving. Any input/advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Absolutely. The temps are often high 40s-low 60s in Nov & Dec. I've been there more in Those months than I have in summer. No water rides but as long as temps are 40° and above typically all rides run.

It's a great time to go.

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Not to mention, the Christmas lights are incredible as is the Christmas shows. If you celebrate Christmas, you will love the event.

Nov/Dec is the best time of year to visit Dollywood and Silver Dollar City, those parks really sparkle at Christmas.

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Second about the rides. I was there for two days last November, between Thankgiving and Christmas and every ride was a walk on, including Lightning Rod. The only thing you'll miss that time of year are their outstanding water rides, but that's a fair trade. If you like shows, line up early- most holiday attendees are there for them and the fried chicken buffets.
Edit to add: I was there on whatever weekdays they were open. I reckon weekends get busy if the weather cooperates.

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Thank you for the responses guys! Now I am more excited to go. I'll be driving down from downstate NY.

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We went there a few years ago on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was not overly crowded and the day was cool, sunny and pleasant. When the sun went down you needed a coat or sweater. Definitely a nice time to go with all the Christmas lights, decorations and shows. We stayed at the Park Vista hotel in Gatlinburg which is a very nice Doubletree with great views of the mountains. I highly recommend this place. I know it was in the middle of the fire last year but I think they are open again.

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