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Commenters on Facebook are losing their minds as it was announced that Kings Island is going 100% "cashless" in Mid July.

Some of my personal favorite quotes:

"How are children going to learn how to make change?"

"The dumbing-down of society continues"

"Sign of the beast!"

I personally can't remember the last time I used cash in an amusement park. I honestly have a hard time remembering the last time I used cash period, but my wife just reminded me that we used it to get into Middle School track meets this spring. And I paid off a library fine once in March.

Would you care?

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How are children going to learn how to use slide rules if they have calculators?

(I mean, ignoring the assumption that the one day a year at Kings Island is the linchpin to kids learning arithmetic.)

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Get back to me when the strip clubs announce they’re going cashless.

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I don't use cash often, but I do sometimes and I like it. It's nice when my account is on the low side and I'd rather not dip into it further or have to transfer from savings. It's not the sign of the beast, but it does piss me off a little when I can't use cash if I want to.

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Even my babysitter uses Venmo. These days even getting out my credit card is rare, because I can use my phone. My wallet is down to my driver's license, health insurance card, car key card and credit card. I have no keys.

My kid is learning checkbook balancing, etc., knowing what's in it, and how much he can spend.

Count change? All of the common core stuff teaches that. But asking how to do it is like arguing against the metric system because you don't know the imperial conversions. No, you just don't use imperial.

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I can't remember the last time I paid cash for anything. The butthurt comments about this are hilarious. Who the **** is teaching kids to count change in line for Coney BBQ?

It should make the line for Coney BBQ faster since you won't have kids learning an antiquated skill while you wait to place your order.

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Bakeman31092 said:

Get back to me when the strip clubs announce they’re going cashless.

My favorite strippers only take credit cards. You really don’t want to know how they swipe them.

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Vater said:

... but it does piss me off a little when I can't use cash if I want to.

I am the opposite. It pisses me off when I have to use cash.

I think the whole argument is dumb and it's simply because I have yet to hear a good reason to why we should still use cash at places like an amusement park. I mean I still have a folded up $20 in my wallet but that is just for the random time I might have to pay for parking somewhere or give someone a tip. Otherwise I can't recall the last time I used cash because its so much easier, safer, and faster to use my phone. Plus I don't have to find a place to put all my change at the end of the day.

I also love having the ability to see exactly where I spend money. And on the off chance I lose my wallet, all I have to do is switch off my credit card in an app and I never have to worry about losing a wallet full of money. There are just way more pros to cashless than cons.

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99er said:

I am the opposite. It pisses me off when I have to use cash.

Absolutely. I prefer having both options.

I believe this is illegal (cash is legal tender) and places an undue burden on bank-less people (who tend to be poor and minorities.) It’s not a smart look, and I suspect will be reversed fairly quickly.

I don’t think the cash to card booths save them from this unless they truely have no fee, including maintenance fees as I don’t believe those cards exist.

That said, I try in parks to consolidate down to my ticket, credit card, and ID in a lanyard with only my phone, portable battery and charging cable in my account pocket.

Also sign of the beast? I’m pretty sure that park has been chock full of signs of The Beast since 1979!

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99er said:

I think the whole argument is dumb and it's simply because I have yet to hear a good reason to why we should still use cash at places like an amusement park.

Interesting point made on PBuzz - how does little Billy or Sally who are on a 6th grade school trip use a credit card?

No federal law against going cashless:

Some states have passed laws which do not allow cashless. Do not believe Ohio has done that though.

I can't comment on the legality of it, but it definitely does place an additional burden on the unbanked.

The interesting question is whether or not that turns out to be viewed as "a good look." I suspect some folks--many of whom would never admit it publicly--think that having fewer of "those people" in the park is a positive. Look around; there usually aren't many consequences for trodding on the downtrodden. That is changing, but it is changing awfully slowly.

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From what I have seen of the state/local legislation that has been enacted/proposed prohibiting going cashless, the issue with respect to people who do not have banks or who do not otherwise have access to credit/debit cards is the reason.

With the efficiencies of going cashless and increased tech, I expect that at some point in the near future we will find ways to address that issue. Social security no longer issues checks. People without bank accounts have prepaid debit cards and SS payments are directly deposited into the account tied to that card. Whether more states/localities enact laws in the interim that will create issues with that isn't clear.

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Paying with cash < Rip Ride Rockit

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Well, according to an article on those without credit or debit cards can still pay.

"No card? No problem! We will have Cash-to-Card kiosks that can transfer cash to a card – no fees – which can be used anywhere, not just at the park," according to the amusement park.

The Cash-to-Card kiosks allow Kings Island visitors to convert their cash to a prepaid card with no fee. Leftover funds can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Up to $500 can be loaded on a card. The minimum amount is $5.

Kiosks are located inside the main park at the main entrance, Festhaus, Diamondback Trading Post and Coney Mall Arcade. An additional kiosk is located by the restrooms by Rendezvous Run at Soak City Water Park. "

It doesn't seem likes it that big of an issue.

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Who reads the linked articles? That is way to much work.

So shame on me for not reading the article. Curious what the cash to card thing is. Seems like there would be a fee for that since there is a fee associated with everything, especially if it involves Visa. Guessing the park is eating that fee?

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