Does this come close?

I know everyone will agree that No Limits is the closest to perfection so far. But can anybody tell me if Ultimate Ride Game is any good? I didnt download that demo. Does anybody have any opinion on that game?


Ultimate Ride is complete fantasy, and pretty bad.  If you are interested in realism it's No Limits all the way.  UR is not worth the $35 price tag.


I still think Scream Machine sis better.
ditto to that intamicrocks....
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Am I the only person that likes Ultimate Ride? Yes, it is pure fantasy, but it's not bad!
I like Ultimate Ride, but not for $35, and NL will most likely be much less anyway, and it is a better sim. I'm not sure I can go back to SM's editor anymore ;).
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Scream Machines works better on my computer. I hear the guy has fixed a lot of the bugs in the game. All he has to do is come up with some other B&M designs and a better way to look around and it will be tight. I know I am buying it
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The new no limits demo is pretty tight! But i bought Ultimate ride and i now use it as a frisbee for my dog. Anyways , I like the Ultra coaster game better and better til something better comes out.

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Scream Machines is nice but No Limits is MUCH more realistic and similar to what real professionals use. It has many more features and options that's too advanced for some people.
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BrandonR said:
Scream Machines is nice but No Limits is MUCH more realistic and similar to what real professionals use. It has many more features and options that's too advanced for some people.

Forgive me, but have you seen what real professionals use?  They use something like AutoCAD or Pro/Engineer, and a spreadsheet.  That's it.  They don't need any sort of fantastic three-dee razmatazz editor, 'cause they're concerned with the reality of coasters. . . not a game.
As far as approximating the realism of this process, both No Limits and Scream Machines are a bit far off. . . but, of course, I'd think you'd agree that playing with a spreadsheet isn't too much fun.
No Limits possesses no options that I can think of that SM does not.  The editing style of each is a bit different, but their underlying skeleton's are nearly identical.  Both simulators use bezier curves for the track layouts. 
Actually, I think No Limits is quite a bit *less* realistic because of the arbitrary ways in which control points are placed.  Of course, I can use No Limits grid for placement, so the possibility of great accuracy is there. . . but, I just happen to prefer the data that Scream Machines displays on the screen.
But, my point is that they're both essentially the same.  The deciding factor seems to be in which editing style someone might prefer. . . but, to say that either game possesses advanced editing features or stuff like that is a bit misleading.  It's all just a matter of personal preference. . .
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Several designers I've talked to have custom tools that include CAD/CAM software with various renderers and such. Just because you saw what Morgan and GCI do on a Discovery special doesn't mean that's what everyone uses.

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Jeff, I realize that :)

Perhaps I wasn't explicit enough, as I tend to get that way when people make sweeping generalizations and uninformed comments.  Perhaps I'm a bit guilty of that myself.

I simply meant that coaster companies design rides mathematically rather than arbitrarily as we do with these games.  I think we'd all agree that every company works this way.  Of course, a CAD program of some variety is an industry standard.  Though I've never worked with coasters, AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer seem to be the running favorites.  I'm sure the companies all have some custom software that analyzes track stress and such.

But, generally speaking, they don't use games, or 3D modeling software.  In that respect, it's still not fair to say NL is superior to SM because it's more akin to what a professional might use.  I apologize for my poorly worded statement.

And, for the record, which special are you talking about?  I think you might referring to the one I caught half of, 'cause I didn't get to see anything about the actual planning. . .is this the special with Lightning Racer and SD2K?

Have you ever used AutoCad? I'm not saying No Limits is anything near it, but it does have top/side/3d views just as No Limits does. Of course they don't use 3d coaster programs, but out of all the editors NL is the closest yet. Hands down.
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