Does Knoebels' have an online store

How come you can't buy shirts online at Knoebels? I looked all over there site and see nothing. Anyone know where I can order some shirts. They didn't have the one in my size when I was there last.



That is the closest thing Knoebels has to an "online store" and there is some clothing. The only items available for purchase online at their official site are single day passes at their official site. They had that book up for a bit (Knoebels: An Amusement Park With A Heart) I believe but that was a while ago.

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I was afraid that it was going to only be ebay. Looks like I gotta tell the wife I need to make a return trip. :>)



They usually have some merchandise available online closer to Christmas, but unfortunately, I've never seen t-shirts. Things like ornaments, model railroad cars.

How about a gift certificate to the Alamo restaurant? Take the wife to dinner when you drive up for your t-shirt.

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