Does Geauga Lake even have any type of capital planned for 07'?

I know that pretty much everyone probably has no idea, but isn't there usually some sort of hint or info that usally leads us into speculation? Or will Geauga Lake sit idle this off-season, with only in-park improvements made?

Seems by now the rumor mill should have started flowing, but theres just no sign of anything. Do they even realize the last addition to the rides side was in 2001? I understand they have alot as it is, but for crying out loud I'd settle for a Tilt-a-Whirl.

They have removed rides, and possibly even the Monorail now. If they remove that, and do nothing else other than the Villain rehab, then to the GP the park will seemingly be shrinking. Less and less attractions on the rides side each year, while the waterpark will probably be what sees the yearly additions. Why not update both sides equally? I guess thats just asking too much.

Sorry for the rant, but I am begining to feel frustration over the lack of anything new on the rides side. Heck, I'd settle for the Happy Harbor Flats to be moved to the old waterpark in order to really start to bring the 50's area back to it's former glory. It wouldn't quite be there yet, but it would definately be a start.

Then this way you could expand the waterpark to take up the whole one side of the lake, with both 4d shows still over there since they would fit the waterpark theme as you get wet on them. Perhaps add water spray gadgets to the net climb?

Anyway, I hope someone out there has some kind of idea as to wether or not the park has any capital plans for 07'. What do you guys think?

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I hope we get SOMETHING. Im anxious to see this years numbers...

I have an uneasy feeling that Geauga Lake could close.
I hope Im wrong.

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I don't think the park is so unprofitable to close. Heck, they're selling passes for next year, if that's any sign.


Why not add some inexpensive family flats such as a Tilt-A Whirl and a Scrambler? In the meantime, some of those families in NE Ohio might learn to cope with the Pittsburgh traffic and learn how to follow those yellow arrows to that park that GL says doesn't even come close. Why does that park do almost double the attendance of GL? It has better atmosphere, more family rides and better food choices even though it has fewer coasters and no waterpark within the gate.

GL is also going to have to become more concerned about Waldameer once Ravine flyer II goes in in 2008. That's when Waldameer would be expected to start advertising in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. I wonder what effect this will have on Kennywood, Martens and Darien Lake, not to mention Conneaut Lake.

Arthur Bahl

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Along with the cleaning up of the former waterpark area, I would seriously like to see some kind of addition.

One of the better additions would be to replace that retarded logging lumberjack show they had in the ampitheater, and bring back a stunt-show. Who wants to see someone cut a log? Not I.

But... aside from a new ampitheater show, the cleaning up around the park (old waterpark site) is NOT marketable (hey! We're cleaner than ever now!!)... what is marketable are all-new quality shows.

I wouldn't mind seeing a couple new slide complexes to help disperse the immense crowds on the waterpark side, along with some new quality shows... if that were done (along with the cleaning up), I think that the park could be a little more reputable & help boost attendance without spending a whole lot.

bobthecoasterguy said:
I don't think the park is so unprofitable to close. Heck, they're selling passes for next year, if that's any sign.

Six flags sold season passes right up to the week they sold it to CF.

I can see them keeping the waterpark going, but the rest is a coin toss. I'm just waiting to see the attendance figures for this year.

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Waldameer will never come close to putting a dent in either Geauga Lake or Kennywood or even Darien Lake's annual attendance. That's like saying that Bob's General Store opening a new 200 SF addition is going to take business from the local Wal Mart and Target. Yea, a couple of people will leave the Big Boxes, but it's not going to be something that's even noticed.

A Villain rehab is obviously sorely needed, as well as some touch-up projects. A new slide complex would be nice, but they really don't need to spend the money on new slides, they have them sitting in the old waterpark, just need new foundations and a new pool (which while expensive, isn't as much as a whole new slide complex).

Why would they really put a whole lot of effort into the rides side at this point? The rides side does need a few flats, but that's not where they're making their money. Their bread and butter is that waterpark, so why are you surprised when all the improvements go over there. Plus, I think this year's going to be a good one for the park. Granted I wasn't there on as many weekdays as in the past, but every time I went on Saturdays for the waterpark, Sundays or this past Friday for Octoberfest, the park was very nicely attended, the parking lot was double as full as I've seen it most times in years past, and the park itself had a more lively feel to it.

Especially during Octoberfest, it looked like a "real" amusement park. Now, I realize that there was greater crowd concentration as the waterpark was closed, but I think they have something on their hands with the extra tents and the one-ethnicity focus and the beer that could really be a marketing point. Why not have weekends towards the end of the season be all sorts of "fests"? Italian Fest, Irish Fest, Octoberfest (German), British Fest, heck, whatever! It brought in the people, moreso for the atmosphere, food, shows and beer than for the rides (lines were still non-existant for the most part).

I agree with the above comment on shows. Making this park into a shows park a-la Fiesta Texas would be a good way to carve out a niche for themselves. The Point's shows are typically "eh", Kennywood's shows are typically "eh" and both of those parks have other things that their audience looks for. Geauga's audience is still "looking" for something at the park, so make it some award winning shows.

I think "service" and "people" type improvements will go a lot further than any capital improvement, especially to the rides side, at bettering this park.

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I feel Geauga Lake has a lack of "community grasp" They don't seem present in peoples thoughts, like Kennywood or Holiday World, or Cedar Point.

Even if you don't attend the park, you know it's there and has a major impact on the society.

Cleveland employment status is going to get worse, too, as GM and Ford begin more and more layoffs.

Of course, Ford and GM brought it on themselves anyway

That would be a great idea for GL, more shows and really good ones. Several family friendly flats wouldn't hurt either. What GL cannot be successful at is being CP Lite. The coaster lovers are going to continue to go to the bigger park for the most part.

As for Waldameer, the new coaster will significantly boost their attendance but I cant see them going over 500,000. The only park that I see being impacted seriously by them is Conneaut Lake so it is up to that park to find a niche that will allow it to survive.

Arthur Bahl

Camping ground? ;) Sorry, based on my one friend's somewhat-knowledgeable descriptions of the park, it's days are numbered.

Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)
One thing that has contributed to Kennywood's long term success is that it is truly a local phenom. While regional marketing has picked up the last couple of years, Kennywood has built their base reputation by bringing everyone in Pittsburgh through the gates at least once a year. Ethnic days, school days, and company picnics have made them a traditional outing for people in that area, and it continues to work for the beautiful, medium sized park that it is.

Geauga Lake used to have that kind of relationship with the locals, there was a time when every east- sider had their Geauga day lined up. That having been lost through corporate homogenizing, Geauga Lake is stuck trying to find the market that will let them stay alive and successful among their own sister park and the likes of Kennywood. From what I hear they have fallen out of favor with the locals.

Cleveland (like Pittsburgh) is full of ethnic heritage, and I like Impulse-ive's idea of hosting heavily promoted festivals thoughout the season. One of the best times we ever had at Geauga was an Oktoberfest weekend, liked it so well in fact that we went back the next year. The place was busy, the food was great, and the rides seemed more fun. It was like the old times were back.

Geauga, in my opinion, could definitely use an update to the ride side of the park. A major coaster and a general upgrade/re-themeing couldn't hurt. But before good money is thrown after bad, Cedar Fair would do well to try and recapture the love for a park that the locals are proud to patronize. Kennywood's success proves to us that large ticket expenditures aren't always necessary to keep the folks happy.

john peck said:

Cleveland employment status is going to get worse, too, as GM and Ford begin more and more layoffs.

Of course, Ford and GM brought it on themselves anyway

I agree.
But look at all the mini malls that keep cropping all over Ohio, creating hundreds of jobs! (which pay 1/4 of what an auto worker makes.) SteelYard Commons comes to mind. 1800 jobs, few of which pay more than 7 an hour.

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Why was Geauga Lake changed so drastically? So many people remember when the Skyscraper tower, the Big Ditch boat ride, and the monorail were among the leading attractions at the park. There were a lot of rides suited to families. So what happened? The same thing that happened to parks like SFMM, SFGAdv, etc. GL lost too much of its tradition when those big coasters went up under Six Flags.

That's one mistake that Kennywood avoided. Sure KW could have added more big coasters by tearing out the picnic shelters and some of the family flats along with historic coasters such as the Jack Rabbit and the Racer. They could have abandoned such icons as Noah's Ark, the Turtle, and the Kangaroo. They could have jacked up the prices and barred outside food. Had they done this, they would have lost much of their traditional patronage and would still be stuck with that road access problem.

KW does well for a number of reasons. The school picnics keep the park busy on days in May and early june when many parks are closed or nearly empty. The ethnic events bring large crowds in especially for the Polish and Italian days. KW has that great balance between family and thrill rides with some rides that appeal to both groups. The food is generally good and reasonably priced and the games don't cost an arm and a leg to play. The park also has a variety of special prices including group discounts, school picnic pricing, bargain days, and special promotions that make the park affordable for the vast majority of the local population. Of course the overall atmosphere, the landscaping, the cleanliness, etc. all play a part as well. So does the balance beween historic rides from the past and new state-of-the-art rides.

Arthur Bahl

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Here's a park that sure could use one of them interactive dark rides! :)

Speaking of SallyCorp, I still haven't gotten my *incentive checks*... ;)

FLYINGSCOOTER said:But look at all the mini malls that keep cropping all over Ohio, creating hundreds of jobs! (which pay 1/4 of what an auto worker makes.) SteelYard Commons comes to mind. 1800 jobs, few of which pay more than 7 an hour.

Yes and there is one directly across the street and they just built phase two with Target and Home Depot behind Geauga Lake as we speak. I'm sure the land value has gone way up since they have been built. Doesn't it look like a potential Astroworld in the making if things don't improve?

There were quite a few picnics at the park this past season so at least that appears to be on the rise.

Geauga Lake may have had the tradition but Funtime and the park were also struggling right before Premier bought it. It was in the same situation as it is now. Premier came in, added a Vekoma boomer and a river rapids which resulted in the crowds returning. I would say that between 1996 and 1999 Geauga Lake was quite healthy before they stripped the park and turned it into a Six Flags.

I'm with lakecrystal on this one. Just add a Tilt-a-Whirl or a Musik Express to the rides side to at least give us an indication that you have some sort of plan to resurrect this park. Not everyone enjoys water parks.

X Factor

I agree. There are so many parks around where I live but the nearest interactive darkride is in Hershey. KW could use one as well if and when they expand. Meanwhile, why doesn't CP put a really grand one in like some of the ones in Europe (Labyrinth of the Minotaur, King Tut etc.) Maybe it could be one where the score affects the ending of the ride.

Regarding all of that waterpark emphasis, what is going to happen when more local waterparks are built and the market is saturated. Meanwhile I would like to see more parks do something on both sides of the shore. HW might only be adding a Tilt-a-Whirl next year to the dry attractions but it is something (not to mention the nice theming of the ride). I dont want to see a three year wait at LC for the next dry ride after Zoomers Gas 'N' Go goes in. That spinning coaster and another flat would be most welcome during this period. It might draw some additional business away from SFNE and other parks. *** Edited 9/23/2006 5:30:17 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

CP gave up on dark rides during the Munger years. The RPH (which really wasn't that good when looked at individaully) of the ones they had, plus the increased cost of maintenance due to vandelism didn't make sense to the bankers who ran the park at that time. The high rides that they have now eat queue lines, although none have surpased what the CP&LE could do in it's prime (three train ops).
One of the ways to control vandalism is to have darkride cars with appropriate restraints. As for capacity, cars with more riders can take care of this. Labyrinth of the Minotaur cars hold 6 riders and the hourly capacity of the ride is 1500 riders, an amount comparable to most large coasters.

Arthur Bahl

I found this article from the Sun Times. I read it and thought, Wow, a lot has changed in a few years.

After reading that article, it's hard to believe it's about the same place. *** Edited 9/23/2006 7:31:24 PM UTC by FLYINGSCOOTER***

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Arthur Bahl said:
One of the ways to control vandalism is to have darkride cars with appropriate restraints.

Don't forget that an interactive dark ride (like say MIB) keeps the riders attention in on the action.

The less time riders are bored, the less time they have to dick around while on the ride.
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