Does anyone remember West View Park?

Friday, September 3, 2010 11:00 AM

We had our 7th and 8th grade picnic at West View I LOVED the The Whippet. It was so Violent. There was never a line most people were afraid of it you could stay on just give the guy more tickets. I took 12 straight rides the guy who was running it thought I was crazy. There were a couple of high speed off camber turns and I was so small If did not hold the lapbar I would have been ejected. Took My gf on once so. violent it unbuttoned her blouse after she was woozy said No more Ha Ha I just Stayed On. The Racing Whippet was on the cover of Life Magazine as a Great Coaster. I also heard it had killed 4 people during its life. LONG LIVE THE RACING WHIPPET


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