Doctor sues Six Flags Great Adventure over alledged neck injuries

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Dr. Christopher Fabricant of Red Bank, Monmouth County, contends he suffered “severe and permanent damage to his neck and spine” during a painful ride on Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure. The suit claims a rider on Kingda Ka risks whiplash from the coaster’s “extreme speed and torqueing forces” if most or all of the person’s head extends above the rear of the seat.

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I can buy that a taller person would exceed the top of the seat (it doesn't have the big head rests of Dragster), but whiplash is the product of a quick push then stop, which the ride doesn't have. Maybe it's just the wording in the report.

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It doesn't even seem like it was his neck snapping back over the top of the seat but rather the restraint crushing his shoulders?

It contends a park employee did not properly adjust Fabricant’s harness, and that a locking system prevented the harness from loosening, “but it did not prevent tightening.”

As a result, the lawsuit says, the harness “became locked tighter and tighter” during Fabricant’s ride, causing “excruciating” pain in his shoulders.

I am 6'1" and I've never even thought twice about the restraint on Kingda Ka or Maverick.

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Whenever things like this happen, my default response is that if this is ONE injury out of X number of total riders, then the ride isn't defective. (I mean, unless X=1.)


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Right, what's special about this guy out of millions of people?

It is Intamin's worst restraint design though. The shoulder component serves no purpose beyond appearance. I still think their best variation is the one on Dragster, which I'm not sure appeared on any other ride.

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