Do you get wet in the back row on Diamondback?

Iwas just watching the video of the splash down on Diamondback, and thatsplash looks bigger than Sheikra's and Griffon's combined- that's huge!From some angles it looks like the mist blows right into the riders'faces, hence the reason for my question. Do you get wet at all?

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Couldn't you have just asked this in any of the on-going Diamondback threads?

And no, you do not get wet.

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Actually, you have to watch your arms in the back. You can get very wet from the shoulder to the ends of your fingers.

We were a little taken at how accessible that stream of water is to the riders in the last seat.

and if the wind is blowing just the right way... it also occasionally drifted into that lower queue area, but just a mist...

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^^Reports I read is that back row riders would have to make an effort, i.e. reach out, to get wet. Is that not so?

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On one of my rides, I felt a mist when I was in the middle of the train on a right hand seat. I suppose it could have residual water on the track getting thrown up by the wheels. When I sat in the second last row, the kid behind me said his feet got soaked. When I turned and looked, I could clearly see water on the floor of the train.

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Mamoosh said:
^^Reports I read is that back row riders would have to make an effort, i.e. reach out, to get wet. Is that not so?

If you make an effort, you're getting into the really forceful stuff.

I got nailed all along my armpit/shoulder and I'm not sure I was doing much more than raising my arms. I might have leaned or shifted or something, but that whole shoulder/underarm part of my shirt was drenched and there was no effort to reach the water in any way.

I basically had the same experience as Gonch. On my first ride on Saturday, I was in the right seat of the very last row. I had my arms up, like on any other coaster, but my right arm was probably more out to the side, than up. As we hit the splashdown, the wave of water completely soaked my right arm. My entire hoodie sleeve was dripping wet. Even after ringing it out, it took about 3 to 4 hours for my sleeve to dry. Had my arm been down in my lap, or gripping the handle of the lap bar, I probably would have stayed completely dry.

I got wet on Diamondback, but I was sitting in the front : )

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This could have been asked in any of the other threads.

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