Do you get a Six Flags Flash Pass?

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I have never been to a Six Flags park. This year, we are thinking of getting season passes and going to several of them. I am not familiar with flash passes to know if they are worth the $$. Since we are hitting so many parks this year, I am trying to save every penny I can.

So, do you get the flash pass or wait in line?

Parks we are thinking of going to:

Six Flags America

Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Six Flags over Georgia

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Depends on the circumstances. If lines are long and you don't want to (or can't) wait, then sure they're a blessing.

If you don't want to drop a chunk of change just to hold your place in line while you do other things, then no, skip it.

The regular bot will buy you piece of mind for the most part as you still wait as long to ride. You might get creative and double up on lines which is the real benefit.

The gold bot cuts 75% off the current posted waits and, if you ask me, is where it's at.

The truth is you probably won't need it if you're smart about when you visit - I rarely find the need for them. But if you have to go on that peak summer Saturday or happen to show up on an unusually crowded day - or even just want to get as many rides as possible or guarantee the chance to ride everything on a crowded day, the Flash Pass can certainly salvage your visit.

(and yes, I'm giving sweet lovin' to a Flash Pass in my avatar...they're that good when you need them)

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Gonch pretty much covered it, but the one park on your list that you wont want to waste money on a Flash Pass is Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. This park has a focus on their waterpark which most people flock to.

As far as the rest on your list, go with Gonch.

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The only parks of those I'd get Flash Pass for are GAdv and SFOG...while SFA and GAm might be busy (which can be mitigated by week day visits), IMO, their ride line up is on the meh/limited side so re-rides and cramming different rides in is not as critical...especially if you'll be doing the kind of traveling you've been talking about on these forums, your $$ become more valuable!!

Which as an aside, as a somewhat newbie enthusiast like you (didn't start getting into traveling until the fall of 06), I'd be pacing myself my man!! I've always felt taking parks at a slower pace has allowed me to enjoy them more and have a better appreciation for each individually. Otherwise, disappointment starts to creep in when you're at SFA, and realize, "What the hell is good about this park when just last week I was at GAdv!!"

For two summers, my wife and I knew that we would be visiting a few Six Flags parks. We bought a Season Pass at Six Flags America (for the price of a one day admission) and used this to get into the other parks.

If we found the other parks crowded, we went with the Flash Pass depending on how crowded the parks were, or, if as stated above, we just wanted to get in as much riding as we could.

Since our Season Pass paid for itself with our first visit to Six Flags America, getting into the other parks was essentially "free". The cost of a GOLD Qbot for two at SFNew England and SF Great Adventure was, at that time, just at little more than the cost for admission for two into those parks. Since our admission was already taken care of with our season pass, we spring for the Gold Bots and made the most of our time at these two parks.

Well worth the price if you ask me.

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It all depends on when you go and what the weather is like.


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The only reason flashpass is worth it, imo, is because flashpass is making the lines even longer than they should be in the first place...

So you'll probably need to get one.

But I don't really want to get into it. :)

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I have been wondering what park attendance is going to be like this year. I see that SF is having a $10 ticket offer which wreaks of desperation. On the 5 trips & 7 days to KI & CP so far this year, I have not felt that any of the parks were crowded at all.

If this is the case, hopefully I can skip this purchase.

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DaveStroem said:
I see that SF is having a $10 ticket offer which wreaks of desperation.

Nah, it's an incredibly limited promotion to draw interest to their twitter page.

On the 5 trips & 7 days to KI & CP so far this year, I have not felt that any of the parks were crowded at all.

Depends on what your definition of crowded is, I suppose. ;)

On my last visit to KI (last week), I thought 20 minutes or so for Diamondback was too much. I got one lap in, but that was it. After all these years of doing this, my patience with waiting has grown thin - the cost/payoff for lines seems to lose value with each passing season.

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I see that SF is having a $10 ticket offer which wreaks of desperation.

That offer requires that tickets be used by June 30.

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It depends on the crowds and how many coasters the park has.

Six flags america and new england offer a fast pass, but it is not nessesary to get on all the coasters at least once. But six flags jersey and magic mountain are parks where you may want to get a fast pass.

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