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Sunday, August 5, 2001 1:24 PM
The last day at the resort was going to be a half day till about 1.

Went to DL first and got a fastpass for Indy, lucky me I just got out of there before this huge tourist group came in and must of got a ton.

We rode the Mark Twain Steam boat for the first time, this was a cool ride but I couldn't hear anything the two guys were saying in the dialouge of the ride scence I was right by the steam engine. The ride takes up a HUGE ammount of room and has some animatrocics and scences you pass, disney could fit several terrian coasters back here! Nice ride however. 7/10

Right accross the midway was Big Thunder and it has a minimal wait. Very good ride but of the 4 laps I took on this trip the back seat in the best by far! I really which the ride has a better finale!

Went for another ride on Pirates of Carribiean, the lighting effects seem to change every time I ride this!
It's Indy time!
Fastpass works great I tell you, This ride is also great, I am really starting to have the urge to be on this ride when it brakes down that would be cool!

Now before I get to DCA:
Speaking of brake downs, there were next to none on this 3 day trip that I saw! I got to Space Mountain after a 5 minute brake down as the opend the ride and Splash mountain was down in the morning at about 9 but who wants to ride it then! The cool thing was the had Ride ops on main street yelling, " Don't go to Splash Mountain it isn't open yet" I think it might of been the fact that it was too early in the morning to get wet rather than a breake down, but anyway disney shows there very effiecent. Now on to DCA,

Went to Sorin and used Single rider passes even though there was 3 in our grouop they don't care :) I unfortinally had to ride in the 3rd row but fortinally I was on the edge in gate A so during the ride I could see the theater when the ride was operating even though we were already suspended 50 ft in the air, I also was right by the machinery that moved our tain very cool to see the stuff work, The ride was typical sweet Sorin ride, and I love how every one screams when the Golf ball comes flying at us and our feet almost hit the trees even though were watching A movie! Ah Disney..

Off for some last rides on Cali Screamin'! ( 3 laps!)
This is what I like to do often and highly suggest it to others going to the resort, the fastpass time was about 40 minutes later than the current time so I got one and enterd the ride queue witch for the first time ran 5 trains! The queue was packed full but only a 25-30 minute wait! After my awesome ride I exited about 10 minutes away from my fastpass time and this lady walked up to me and handed me a pass for the current time! Thank you lord! So I get it and go agian! Now by the end it was my fastpass time so I rode AGIAN! 3 laps in about 10 minutes on one of the biggest Disney attractions ever! AWESOMENESS!

Mailboomer: Used single rider and loved this ride agian! I love the capacity of the ride to S and S surley do rule!

This was the end of an aweosme trip and vacation! Hope you enjoyed reading all those novels I wrote!
Sunday, August 5, 2001 8:04 PM
why didnt you use single rider on indy?

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