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Friday, August 3, 2001 9:22 PM
Got to the resort early before 9, but unfortinally DCA didn't swing open the gates till 10 so we went to DL for a bit. We first got to DL and got a fastpass for Indiana Jones and then went to Matterhorn...

Matterhorn 15-20 minute wait.
Nothing like a morning ride on Matterhorn! Had a very good ride on the fantasyland side!

I always wanted to ride this and decided to ride now. After a long 20 minute wait I was the car at the very front, I had a very good time leading everybody around the track. The cars need to go faster though! The off road section was very cool! Too bad you really can't drive your car and its real short. My sister also gave me a huge bump to the point I also rammed the car infront of me! I liked how the ride was real long

It was "Indy Time" Used the fastpass and had a typical perfect ride!
I will now narrow my rides down to there own special sections to make the report much shorter and easier to read!
Now it was time for DCA. This would be the first full day at DCA! Went first for the ride that took my familie's hart away,

( 4 times) SORIN OVER CALIFORNIA! The wait was 35 minutes and the fastpass timewindow was 10:30 and 11:30. The current time was.. 10:45! Wow! I got the pass and almost yelled at the people in the stand by line and really wanted to call them all fools! How did they not see this! I also finally found out that rides had single rider wich was liek Fastpass but you would just ask to ride host and get a slip of paper and walk on through! Only downfall is you get no gaurrenteed seat and get seperated from your group but its all great!

Had a great rides all day but I never got on the front row! My favorite part is when the theater goes black and that real cool music plays and your very quickly elevated.

Mullholand Maddness (2 LAPS)
People mistake this wild mouse for a baby ride but it is accually quite good! It had a huge wait but it also had single rider passes! People were waitng an hour for this to! TOURIESESTS.... The ride's hairpin turns are great and the main drop delivers very good air!

Orange Stinger: 5 min. short wait

My first chairswing belive it or not. The ride is in this giant Orange and has some sound effects that our very high tooned squels of bees, I couldn't belive it wasn't annoying me! Only bad part is this ride is short as is all disney flat rides. But the ride later in the day generated a big 30 minute wait.

Maliboomer! 5 minute wait.
My first S AND S anything. The theming is awesome on this ride, your basically the little ball that gets hit bye the sledgehammer on that one game, the ride is decorated with point scales and has huge bells on top that will accually ring and light up if you can make it up that high. The ride has very cool sound effects when your lauched and bouncing up and down, The lauch was great and the ops were real good about keeping you on your toes. The lauch is great but the bouncign up and down are very cool when you feel neg g's then possitive, this ride also had single rider passes. It felt like we were gonna just fly forever.

Sun Weel, 30 minute wait

Now this was interesting! The ride dates back to the Wonder Weel at Coney Island except this one is larger and swings even more![ and probibly alot safer) Now the first trip aroudn was real easy barely any swinging at all and me and the people we were riding with were like, "Ok this isn't nearly as bad as it looks!" Then the second lap hit and they didn't stop the weel to load, and it was down right awesome! the swinging was just freaky and the ride was really good! We also opeted for the orange cars becuase the Puple is just to crazy! Alot of the far I had of this ride was being suspended 155 ft in the air in a cage over water add sever swinging and you have yourself one crazy ride!

Here are some rides my mom and my sister did while I was away from them that I didn't ride

It's Tough to be a Bug: walk on
They said the 4D effects are real good and it blows Honey I Shrunk The Audience out of the water! Really good ride to them they said I wouldn't of liked it and I agrre, Honey I shurnk the Audience is about my max for 4D movies.

From Them 9/10

Zepher, walk on

My sister got the last ride of the day before the ride shut down in the morning due to high winds [ there was barely a breeze] She said is wasn't too good and wasn't better than Astro Oprbiter in DL. The ride really looks awesome at night though.

Muppet Vision 3d (2 times)

The ride was a walk on to the preshow, very cool preshow witht he 3 tv and speaker effects were a character would move from one tv to the other like walking accross the room and very funny! The regular show was just awesome! You can tell this ride was built along time ago becuase the movies is basically a 3d movie. There are no in your face 3d effects like you see now even though Fozy real tries to scare you with "Cheep 3d effects" And the shows Finale is one of the best memories I will ever have of my life!


I just have to explain the finale to explain why I love the ride so much, there are these animatronic Penguens that play as an orcestra for the show and and the end the Patriotic Muppet [ his name escapes me] is doing his "tibute to all nations, but mostly America" goes complety wrong and fireworkers are blazing out of control and the 3d presentation is about to go wrong so Kurmit the Frong screams to the Swiss Cheir [ projecter operator] and orestra Penguins decide to get hids attention bye killing hime with a LARGE cannon! The area he is sitting in gets very mess up and he gets mad and pokes his head out the window with a gun and tries to shot the "Spirit of 3d" bird but he misses several times and hits the screen[ leaving holes!] Then he finds out the penguins did the damage and pulls out a cannon of his own.. He hits a Penguin and the Penguin looks to be cought on fire he also did BAD damage to the theater as the walls are cracked and blown open and the show ends. Very hillarious show!


Now I have saved the best for last:
CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN'( 6 laps including night before's, single lap)

If this ride was the best in the world this ride would be the perfect coaster. And I mean it! Thing had double station operation and ran up to FIVE TRAINS! The dispatch time was amazing! about 25 seconds AT THE MOST! The ops didn't even look like ther were working hard eithier why can't other parks do this!?!? The ride is the perfect length! The ride has at least 7 spots of significant air! The ops don't even staple you in at all! The ride is smooth smooth smooth! The ride amazingly enough has at leaft 4 maybe 5 midcoures and NONE of them are on a lick! The only complaint I have about this ride in that after the loop you go up and hill and you aniticipate a great drop, it would be the perfect place for one I mean a spectclar airtime hill, but you flaten out and go through a midcourse [ Isn't on though THANKFULLY! ] then you go throguh the half trunnel drop, which is good. The Tunnels on the big drops are very cool esspecially at night, defently a night ride, now this was a moment all coaster enthuisasts would love to hear about.. On my night ride they were running 4 trains but only one station, so no mater how hard the ops tried, trains were stacked. One time when 2 trains were stacked the main op got the attention of the ride ops and said, " COME ON GUYS WERE STACKING UP HERE!" I'll let you know there was no more stacking that night :) The very cool thing was that the ride's sound track is very cool in the way it runs off op commands, the ride will not stop playing the pre launch music until it is accually lauched with varies from 5 to up to 30 seconds. When trains were being stacked it would also have a seperatre song for the station and block brakes! It also plays a VERY LOUD bass tone as you exit and the next rider come in and it can be heard all the way at the begging of the QUEUE very easisly, the sound sistem for each row of seats is 3 speakers and 2 subs, preety cool stuff!
10/10 (If you didn't Know)

Back to DL for a couple rides on Space Monuntain and an AWESOME night ride on the Matterhorn as Tinkerbell was flying through the air, got to try astro orbiter for the first time, man I couldn't even sit up striaght when I had the rockets flying low!

Another great day at the resort, Pt. 3 tomorrow.


Steel top 5
4. Riddler's Revenge
5. Goliath
Saturday, August 4, 2001 8:32 AM
Sounds like your having fun over there.

SFMM went from Amusment Park to Xtreme Park.They skipped Theme park :)
Thursday, August 9, 2001 6:52 PM
I guess I sure do take my 2-Park pass for granted...

Mr. Crap Caca is my name-o, C-r-a-p, C-a-c-a, Mr. Crap Caca. Just ask SFMM Salvi and his 3-year old cousin! :) Thanx for the cool name SFMM_fa_life!

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