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Well I just got back from my Senior trip to Los Angeles. We arrived at Burbank airport thursday night and then traveled to the Holiday Inn in Anahiem. Next off was Disneyland Grad Night 2002. First of all, I have to say WOW! Disney really does know how to throw a party for the graduating seniors. We arrived at the park at 12:00 AM and I walked down main street, with the music pouding and the lights flashing. First off was Pirates of the Caribbean which is still the great ride it has always benn, then too the Haunted Mansion. We then traveled over to the Autopia. Which I found rather lame, considering the half hour wait. Next it was off to dance in one of the 7 dance spots stationed throughout disneyland. We then rode star tours and then headed over to Indiana Jones and caught a ride after a 45 minute wait. We then headed next door to the World Famous Jungle Cruise. I had the funniest guide I have ever experienced on the ride.
3:45 AM WOW IM Tired! Next it was too the newly renovated logs on Splash Mountain. I always love this ride, its always a blast. After a 45 Minute wait I got to speed down the drop and next it was off too Space Mountain. It was about 5:00 when we got in line and we waited about 15 minutes and found out they had shut down the ride so that was it for the night we just got out of line and left. The park closed at 6:00 Am but what an amazing experience that was. They had a huge party out front of the castle and had stages with dancers, and dj's playing top 40 hits. Overall I was suprised that the crowd wasnt that horrible. I have been to Disneyland on bad days but tonight about 45 minutes was my longests wait.
6:30 Arrive back at Holiday Inn Anahiem and sleep, we went to the beach later that day but overall I was up for about 25 hours and got 2 hours of sleep to match it.

6/1 -
10:30 AM Arrive at Six Flags Magic Mountain and head to Goliath, waited about 5 minutes and got in the last car. This was my first time riding Goliath and I was very impressed. That Helix and drop are unbelievable. 11:00 - Batman the Ride, also my first time on Batman and it was really a lot of fun. I enjoyed it a lot, especially the cool themeing in the station. Next up was Gold Rusher, I decided I had to take a ride on it because my dad used to work on it when he was a kid, just as tame as always the helix at the end is always fun though. We then ate lunch and then headed up the hill to psyclone bay, where we tried SFMM's verion of Ham on Rye. HORRIBLE!
12:35 - Went on arrowhead splashdown and got soaked sitting in the back seat, which my friends found quite hilarious. It was then up the hill too the Ninja. This was also my first time on Ninja and It wasnt as thrilling as I hoped it was gonna be. But I still enjoyed the ride. We then walked down the hill to check out the line for Viper. It was really pretty long so we thought we might take a look at the X line knowing we werent going to wait more than 2 hours. As I read the sign it said Wait From here 4 1/2 Hours. HA ! No way I was gonna wait that long even for X! So we never did get to ride X but some girls from my school did and they said it was worth the wait.
2:00 Walked over to see Flashback was closed along with Yosemite Sam Falls. So we headed back up towards Colusus. This is now my favorite woodie because of the length of the ride and it is just flat out fun! After Colosus we walked around for a while and then went on Freefall. Freefall is a fun ride for its age I had never been on a freefall ride like this one.
4:00 We decided to go sit down at the Batman and Robin Stunt spectacular. Wow! I thought I was gonna be disapointed after seeing MW's Jungle theater stunt show last year but I wasnt. This was a great show filled with action and pyrotechnics.
4:30 We haed over to Psyclone and take our final ride of the day. I enjoyed psyclone but it was a little ruff for me.
5:00 Leave Magic Mountain.

Overall the day at MM wasnt bad at all, lines werent as bad as I expected them to be on a Saturday(Except for X), and it was fun. But there were a lot of flat rides closed, and Flashback was closed along with Deja Vu. Overall what a great trip to LA I had a blast.

What happened to Superman, Riddler's Revenge and Revolution?

http://sixflagsthrills.tripod.com/sixflagsthrills visit for some great thrills!
"enough is enough"-?

Great TR! Glad you had fun! Coastermaster- I think his problem was SFMM is just a huge park! S:TE and Riddler's get bad lines, and I bet he never got around the Reve.

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

That is nothing but the truth, RR was a huge line, and to tell the truth we didnt even go near S:TE because we just didnt have time. We where on an organized trip and we had to leave the park by 5:30. So when it came down to it we barely had time to go on Pyslone. Reveloution just didnt fit in either.

Oh well it was still a great weekend.

Ah, that sucks you were limited with time, sorry to hear that. I hope you can get back soon and ride X. Still glad to hear you had a good time.

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My school did that same trip for graduation last year. Was it organized by USA Student Travel? We travelled by bus though (from las vegas) and stayed at the Sheraton Anaheim.

badboy yes it was USA student travel. It was a good trip but a little overpriced. It cost $434 and we stayed at the New Holiday Inn in Anaheim.

Im planning on going back this summer and riding X I cant wait. I had some friends that rode it (the only ride of the day for them) and they said it was unbelievable. Actually it was one of my friends first roller coaster and she loved it.

COOL TR!!!!!! ANYTHING ABOUT X WORKS FOR ME!!!!!! Cal for me in 03'. YEA! :-D

X Looks Awesome! Oh Yea!!

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